Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Quakes and Tsunamis

Hi all,

"Mother Nature" is doing what it always does, it really doesn't give a shit for our thoughts, dreams or what God we believe in. Having said that, I can't dwell on the risks of living I'm just glad we do on the whole give a shit about eachother. It really grabs ones attention. In times like these, peoples' common humanity is very much apparent. Seeing peoples' empathy play out and seeing the efforts they will go to, to help each other out really touches me. And every act of kindness matters so yes...

Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch via email or blog to ask if everything is OK. It's nice to know we are in your thoughts. I also know why some people don't get in contact. Either they know that things are OK with us or simply don't want to make this about them which is totally understandable. Of course you simply may not consider me at all which is also understandable cause I do tend to get on some people's tit/goat/nerves ;)

Anyway, I'm also reluctant to write about this lest it be seen as me making it about myself but I thought that I'd better write something to put your minds at ease and thank you cause as I said it means a lot to us.

Please keep the people who have lost everything in your thoughts and understand the feelings of those, like us, scared by this force of nature. You'll forgive me a little rant. It sounds obvious and a bit crass to preach at this time but I will say something about the situation.

What we can/should do, at times like this, apart from physically helping, is to double the efforts in our own lives to live and inspire each other by our efforts small and large. Also please take care of yourselves too because you may not live in an earthquake zone but living well has its risks. Don't be complacent cause there are people who love/need you and getting hit by a truck or something like that is not the way you should be remembered.

Keep living, doing your thing, the thing only you do best!

And thanks again.


  1. Glad to hear all is well Scott.
    True what you say " make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you" Ralp Waldo Emerson,

  2. It is good to hear that you are safe. The events of the past 48 hours in the north east of Japan have transfixed the world. As you imply, we should perhaps be as mindful of the thousands of individual tragedies that occur each day throughout the world, but cataclysmic events such as this bring home to us the powerlessness of humankind –yet paradoxically should also jolt us into seizing what power we do have: the power to care for others and the power to do what we do, well.

  3. Have 'dazed and confused' playing in the background. Just a coincidence.

    I hope man's humanity to man at times like this inspires those against tyrants like Gaddafi that a world where we can all live as one is worth fighting for.

    The fragility of life was brought home to me this week by the loss of marathoner Sally Meyerhoff. One minute cycling along enjoying the sunshine, next minute gone. Be careful. Look both ways (twice), don't run on the road, don't trip over with a running chainsaw.

  4. I've been thinking about you all weekend, wondering if you were safe. Thanks for letting us all know. It's been a devastating time for your country. My thoughts are with you.

  5. I HAVE been thinking about you, but figured Osaka was far enough from the earth quake for you to be ok.

    Still glad to get some confirmation, though.

  6. Sometimes it takes tragedy on a large scale to expose the good side of humanity. The pity is that it remains hidden most of the time.

    The power of old mother earth, which sustains us all, can also be devastating and should never be taken for granted. Certainly we should live life in the present moment as it is the only place we can do something. Live on Scott.

  7. Glad to hear you are safe also. I woke up today and thought - oh no! I wonder how Scott is doing! Isn't that strange? I've never "met" you and you instantly popped into my head with regards to the events that are occuring over there. Again, thankful you and yours are safe. Prayers for everyone.

  8. I also have never met you but was very glad to hear you were ok. Thankfully, It seems that everyone I know in Japan is ok, but my thoughts have been going out to everyone.

  9. Sobering events in Japan. Take care Scott.

  10. Hi Scott,
    I've been away from the internet for a while (believe it or not it was even 2 days before I heard about the quake!) but have been thinking of you and your family since I did hear the news. Thank you for your post - it was a relief to hear that you're all ok. You're correct, times like these should be a reminder to value life and live well, but they also remind us of what we have in those we know and love! With that in mind, I hope that all who you know and love are also well.