Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Last of the Mohicans

So far...
No approach by a coach, but starting to think there is still a lot I can do myself before I have to ask for help. I have a 10K race coming this Friday and although I've been training for it and want to do well I'd just be happy with a course record. Think this will be the 5th time I've run the Sakai-City Marathon (10K) and the 2nd time to run in the masters division. I was 7th last year in about 36:50 on a hot day.

The last few training runs haven't been easy, got this pain on the outside of the heal of my right foot and the Achilles on that foot feels like someone is giving it the old "Siamese Burn." Not to mention a little bit of plantar fasciitis due to some over ambitious speed work and some hamstring problems on the left leg. Other than that I'm fine ;) Anyway I'd do what I can on the day and it could be, going by the course and my best efforts going into this, between 34:00 minutes and 36:00! Looking towards it and wanting to PB if I can!

Thought I'd share this clip as it is my all time favorite movie and please if you haven't seen it, or haven't in a while. Do yourself a favor, as they say.


  1. Hi Scott - good luck in Sakai City on Friday.
    Did you get into the Osaka Marathon? Just got my email confirmation of a place. Very happy with that.
    Hope you get equally positive news.

  2. No Stephen I didn't get in.

    Disappointed but still, I'll be here helping with organising parties, accomodation and day tours in my "Samurai Running" capacity, so it's busy enough at that time for me.

    This is going to be a fantastic event, you are right to be happy about getting in! Congratulations.

    For those that didn't we must be sanguine about this as there is always another race and Japan is, after all, the land of the marathons. No shortage of great marathons here, that's for sure!

  3. Good luck with the 10Km race Scott.

    Sorry I have not been reading your blog for a while....from now on I will return to be a regular reader.

    Back in Japan end of May.

    Race well.

  4. Come on home Jon, all is forgiven ;)

  5. Good to hear Scott :-)
    Difficult to return.

    Run fast

  6. Scotty whats going on!
    There is little point in high intensity track intervals if you are getting injuries from them.
    From my own experiences you would be far better sticking to the MB plan, the high intensity stuff may get you to a higher peak sooner, BUT in the long run the MB plan will allow to hold your form for much longer [remember the hare and the tortoise].
    Take it easy old son and good luck on Friday :0]


  8. Remind me never to go for the Osaka lottery if 170,000 applied ;)

    I'll be disappointed if you don't run at least 34:58.9, 'cause that will be rounded up to 34:59.

    Haven't seen that movie, but it's in the memory banks (what's left of them) and I'll do myself a "favour" (not favor) one day ;)