Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Made official today the notice read:

"Considering the seriousness of this disaster, we, the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee, have decided to cancel the 13th marathon race which was to be held on April 17. Many citizens from Nagano City as well as Nagano Prefecture are participating in the rescue activities in the disaster area. Thus we cannot secure enough people who are indispensable in supporting the operation of the race such as security, medical support, and volunteers. As the organizing committee, we decide that even if we held the race, we would not be able to carry out a safe and effortless operation."

So that's it! Sort of expected it but none the less I'm disappointed as I'd put a lot of training into this and was thinking they just might go ahead with it if only for the chance it would give them to raise some money. Anyway as they said they are going to donate the "total entry fee of 76,270,500 yen" (from 8,973 runners) so I'm sure that will go a long way to helping and maybe is more than they could have raised otherwise.

Whether or not it's the "right decision" is no longer worth the thought I'll just have to deal with it. Yes considering I'm alive, healthy and with family I really have nothing to complain about. I was in tears today after seeing a photo of a young boy distraught, crying in his mothers arms after finding the body of his older brother! I can't stand to see this kind of anguish but really even if they cancelled every sporting event for a year there is really nothing that is going to relieve this kids' pain but time.

Still, I often wondered as a young man myself when I lost people close to me, why the world didn't stop?! Of course life goes on, but it shows respect when we slow things down a bit and show these people that we at least understand this feeling! So overall I support the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee's decision.

As for my running future it is bright! I'm going to take this fitness and get a few PBs in the "lesser" distances, 3K, 5K, (by myself in training) over the next 2 months. A 10K race PB on April 29th and a half marathon race PB in May. After that I'll not race until Early August in Australia, a half, and start my preparations for a marathon PB in the Japanese fall.

I'll cry a few more tears for the people of North East Japan before this is thing is all through but I've got a plan and the motivation to carry it out. I wish everyone the same.

Sub 2:30:00, here I come! (sooner or later) ;)


  1. Yes, a picture like that would put everything else into perspective, that's for sure.

    But as you said, life goes on. I made the same experience at the age of 18 when one of my best friends died in a horrific car crash. Eventually the rest of us will learn to deal with it and move on.

  2. I'm not surprised that they canceled it and their decision to donate the entry fees is a good one.
    It must be tough for you with all the images of despair that you're having to see. I learnt a lesson earlier this year with our floods then the NZ earthquake that to expose yourself to the pain too much can have a detrimental effect on you. I ended up having to limit how much coverage I watched.

  3. Certainly dissappointing news Scott even if it was expected. As you say though, everything in perspective.

    I can certainly empathise with your feeling of being unable to fathom why the world doesn't stop when you suffer a great loss and the feeling of resentment almost that life appears to continue around you as if nothing has happened.

    Great to see you taking the positive view - The bast your marathon training has given you is a great springboard for the faster paced PBs.

  4. Sorry to hear your marathon was cancelled!
    The most upsetting photo I saw was of a teenage girl sitting on a pile of rubble where her home use to be crying her eyes out after losing her family, very very sad!
    Scott I'll be running the Liverpool 1/2 marathon on Sunday thinking of you guys.
    Keep positive and here's to your 2.30 marathon in the future.
    Take care. Rick

  5. All things considered, cancelling the event seems like the right thing to do.

    Stay positive and healthy my friend.

    All the best,


  6. Anonymous4:18 AM

    sorry to hear that nagano has been cancelled.

    japan is still in the disaster response phase so i think the days ahead are going to be even more difficult as stories of personal tragedy unfold, and the true impact of these natural events become known.

    i think once the dead have been buried and the reconstruction and recovery starts, people will have something different to focus on. i am not saying that people will forget, but collectively japan WILL pull through. again. they will because they have the courage snd resourcefulness to do.

    hang in there, continue to be as supportive and caring as you presently are, and let those affected know that a lot of people DO care, and don't underestimate how important your support and caring.

    all the best scott

  7. That's a shame Scott, but I'm sure all who entered are cool with donating the money to help with relief efforts.

    The fitness you have from the preparation isn't wasted - you'll have a new line-up of PBs to go with the marathon one you'll get later in the year. Marathon fitness helps with all races 3k and up - Deek ran a pretty respectable 3000 (around 8 minutes) without doing any specialist training for the event.

    On the news front... most of ours is from the middle east or what's happening with Fukushima. Not sure I want to watch stories like the one you mention - I'd be shedding tears too.

  8. A like your sentiment Scott.