Thursday, June 30, 2011


What to do?

"If it doesn't rain it pours!" I've just today been accepted to run in the Osaka marathon on Oct 30th and Kobe marathon on Nov 20th. Now as I can't do both I have to decide between them.

Both are first time mass participation races on flat courses. Both are wonderful cities with great "running" histories (Kobe the home of ASICS & Osaka the home of the famous Ladies race). Another great thing for me is that they are both almost equal distance from my home by car.

The only big difference will be the weather on the day. It's not out of the question to see a 27 degree day at the end of October but more than likely it'll be about 18 to 25 degrees with the rare possibility of a cool to cold 12 degree day in Osaka.

Kobe's temperature at marathon time should be about 8 to 15 degrees but there is a higher chance of rain. I have no real problem starting training at the end of August to be ready for the Osaka marathon but I'd rather not, Kobe would suit me more and would allow me to do my usual 10K and half marathon prior to the race.

Still, I'm finding it hard to go past Osaka. I didn't get in the first time and the only reason I got in now was because they have had a lot of cancellations from dim-witted wimpy foreigners that said "No thanks" to their offer of a place in Osaka marathon fearing they would die of radiation poisoning, or something. Anyway the powers that be opened up more places for foreigners that didn't get in, in the first place as they had to fill a quota, so I was lucky enough to get in now (Thanks Bob "Tokyo Racer" for your help with this).

Well I'm in a quandary and when I'm confused I turn to you guys? What are your thoughts? Which marathon would you run? Don't force me to make this decision on my own. ;)


  1. My usual practice is to go all out for the first of two options as long as you are able to switch to the second later on should something go wrong.

  2. Yes Speedygeoff, that sounds sound but I have dead lines and have to pay/confirm before end of August for both of these races.

    I could pay for both but I'm tighter than a Goose's bum and Ewen put together!

  3. I would do both.

    But you didn't ask what I would do, did you?

  4. When I didn't get into Osaka I was gutted. Yesterday I got the news I was accepted into Kobe, so I am pretty excited. I suppose running a marathon in November is more manageable than in October anyway, so all's well!

    It's great you have options but, er, I would choose Kobe.

  5. Osaka - it's your home city marathon! You'll be so jealous and regretful if you end up watching people running it.

    By the way Scott, thanks for getting me into Osaka :) - it sounds like I owe a big thanks to Bob too!

  6. Thomas I'm always interested in what you think otherwise how would I know what the wrong side of any arguement was ;)

    But really both is hard for me!

  7. To the boys from Kansai, Paul and Angel. You're not making it easy!

  8. I agree with Paul, and not just because I helped you get in. It's your hometown marathon, the first one, and you should be in it (with friends and family there cheering for you)!

  9. That's tight!

    Just take some extra night work (stand-up) to pay for it. If Osaka happens to be hot, tone it down a tad and run a 2:50-5 training run then go for it in Kobe. Osaka does have the advantage that you'll be sleeping in your own bed - or on the couch.

  10. As a dim-witted foreigner who got in to Osaka and *didn't* cancel, you don't have me to thank for your spot. I do like reading your blog and am really looking forward to the race. I'm coming to Kyoto in August for the year and hope to run the Kyoto marathon as well, if that gets off the ground in time. Any word on that?

  11. Hi Adam

    Yes I'm waiting on news from Kyoto as well. I've had a few inquires on "samurai running" too.

    Expecting to hear something before August. I've heard they were having trouble with some residents not wanting the course going past their houses, the blocked access would cause them some trouble.

    And only a month ago they were still asking for votes on the logo they are going to use.

    Still, "SASUGA" (it's as you'd expect of) Kyoto. A city with such a long history it does things in its own way and a bit slowly.

    You're going to love it from day one. I lived there for two years before I was married. And really enjoyed my time there!

    But frankly I enjoyed my time anywhere before I was married ;)

    I'll post here or on the Samurai Running website just as soon as I know more.

    Thanks for getting in contact Adam.

  12. Just wanted to say something about calling people "Dim-witted" for changing their plans to come to Osaka to run because of the recent earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear incident.

    It actually is a pretty dim-witted thing to say in itself but believe me I'm not judging people, each of us do things that we alone live with so other peoples opinions, including mine, should have little bearing on these decision. Sorry for that, didn't want to upset anyone it was sort of a joke like most of the things I say.

    A sort of joke.

    Having said that... Risk evaluation is not even good when one has all the information at hand so it's really not certain if it is risky or not but, for mine, coming to Japan at this time would show solidarity and sometimes some things are more important than ones own comfort level.

    In other words. Live life, help each other as much as we can or get back in your fucking plastic bubble!

    There I go again! ;)

    The linked article below, retweeted by JRN's Brett Larner, is a good one, seems like it's telling the truth. Judge for yourselves the risk. Whatever we need to know the truth and honesty is what we need at times like these.

  13. Having travelled to run marathons there was a lot to be said for running 3 of my 14 marathons in Philadelphia,knowing the course,not having to travel prior or post 26.2 and NEVER underestimate spending the night b4 a race in your own bed.
    Just my two cents

  14. Just heard that the Kyoto marathon will be held on March 11th 2012! That is a year to the day of the Big earthquake up north.

    Seems like they are bringing the start 30 mins earlier and still haven't agreed on the course. Trouble is mainly that they can't block access, for long, to a lot of the public shrines that are use by everyone and are in national trust.

    I'll keep you up dated. I know Bob is thinking about this race. I'll do it if I can get in too.

  15. great news that you are running Osaka Scott, I think it'll be a cracking day.

    I'm in Osaka from 15th July so if you fancy a sloooooooow run, then be cool to meet up