Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So far, so good!

Starting to get fit and although I missed a few days last week, busy with work, I was able to salvage the week with a good 30K (all sub 4:15) on Sunday morning and a strong second run that evening (10K).

I went to the place I was supposed to do a half on Sunday but as I was driving there I looked at the card and saw that the date in big red letters was the day before. I smiled thinking they had made a mistake until I realised it was me who was mistaken! I've never done that before but in my defence, I am an idiot, and I've never had a race on Saturday before and knowing it was around that date I just assumed it was Sunday. Anyway, there's always another race and it did allow me to get in my regular long run, which I pretty much need at this stage.

I've got a few 10K races within the next few weeks those should give me some idea what I can expect to run in the marathon at the end of this month! Like I said I'm getting fit and reckon I can peak in 3 weeks. That is I reckon I'll be fast enough to PB but worried whether I can maintain the pace the last 10K as my mileage has not been anywhere near what I have done in my last 3 marathon training periods. Basically. I will have done between 100K and 140K per week for 8 weeks. Do you think it's enough for me?

On the injury side I have some small worries with sore Achilles and I am noticing a slight cramping when I run at pace over distances of more than 20K. But really getting in some good training and I haven't been running this well for over 8 months.

Basically I'd be happy with a small PB in this coming Osaka marathon and to use this run and this training as base for a bigger attack on my PB with a marathon in March 2012, hopefully I can get in to the Kyoto marathon to be held here March 11th. I have some time off in Jan Feb so I'll be better able to put in miles then.

I have a couple more questions: Do you find running at night easier than in the mornings? I mean does it feel easier effort wise to you to run the same session early or late? And if you are tired from training and busy with work would you blow off an important mid week 24K run in the cold rain to write a blog post and get a massage? And if you would do you think it would make any difference 3 and a half weeks out from your goal race?!

Nothing really connected to running but it's good to let off steam sometimes with a good rant! Don't you think? Caution some swearing!


  1. If you feel you're running well and go into it with confidence you'll run a PB. Provided the known unknowns are in your favour - weather, turning up on the right day etc.

    100 - 140k weeks is fine if you've done the key sessions (long runs, marathon paced stuff, tempos). Agree the 10k races will give you a good idea. If you're seriously tired, then yes, take the day off.

  2. I find running in the evenings to be much much easier and would even prefer to be out in the howling gales with a head torch than be stuck inside trying to get 3 kids into bed.
    That said, most of my runs are in the morning and I hate it. But I prefer being married so I'll 'suck it up' as the Americans would say.

  3. I'm really glad to hear your running well.
    Sometimes it can work out well to go into a race slightly under trained and feel fresh on the day, but a massive base of good aerobic training over 12-18 weeks can not be beaten!
    Night Training
    i love running in the evening and I always feel strong and willing to take more pain But I do work nights!!!
    So is thyat like I'm a night runner or a day runner because I always do my training after getting a good sleep?
    May your wheels always keep on rolling.
    Off for a Lydiard long run-bye...

  4. I do the vast majority of my running in the morning, but every time I manage to get a few miles in the evening I am surprised at how easy it feels. I run 20 seconds per mile faster for the same perceived level of effort. Mind, the HRM tells me I am running harder, so the difference is in the head.

  5. I positively HATE running in the evenings. I don't seem to mind if I am doing a double up day or getting out to blow some steam and do a cruisey run..but if I have to actually train - speed/tempo/fartlek or heavens forbid...a RACE in the evening I detest it. All day I worry I am eating/drinking the wrong things and my job at the computer really tires my brain/eyes and I have every excuse already planned for NOT running after work.

    Sorry to hear about your half...made me laugh though and I totally agree the long run would be best for you having not done as much mileage as previously. A longer run will be the bigger boost mentally than a fast half at this stage. Though I was keen to see what you could have done.

    I can almost hear the clock ticking down to the end of the month and I am getting excited for you!

  6. Oppostie to Claire I hate running in the morning. My body is just too stiff to do anything useful or to enjoy it.

    I think taking a day off is the smart thing to do in that instance, but run hard the next day.

    I also think 8 100-140k weeks is enough for a good marathon. Don't know about a PB, but maybe.

  7. For me I 've always found running in the afternoon/evening easier,maybe because my body has been in motion for the day it's easier to get a rhythm going,I often find running first thing in the morning an effort coming off of several hours of inactivity,that said most of my races are morning races and I tend to do ok there so maybe it is six of one,half a dozen of another.

  8. hi scott
    sounds like your getting some impressive mileage in, good luck with the 10ks over the next couple of weeks and see you on the start line!

  9. Adam from US in Kyoto7:16 PM

    I've missed your posts. I have to run in the mornings. I'm so tired at the end of the day that I can't usually run more than 3-5 miles (5-8k). My training has gone about as well as I can hope for. I did a strong 20 miler last weekend, the last 5 miles was the fastest. (Sorry about the American units), and I ran 9 of the final 11 at 8:30/mile, which is great for me. However, after my run, I started getting a huge headache and was very nauseous, I ended up taking a 2 hour nap but really thought I was going to throw up for a while there. All the research I've found suggests a salt inbalance, but I take in salt every hour on long runs, so I don't know. I don't have time to run long this weekend, so will do back-to-back-to-back 10-12 milers, and hope that helps. I got my Osaka info by email today; I'm getting excited!

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  11. Dying to hear how you are getting on.. You need to update your blog.