Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shodoshima Half

Post race

Nice weekend in Shodo Island. Took a ferry from Osaka and in three and a half hours we arrived. Spent Saturday doing tourist things. The cable car up the mountains and lunch and tour of olive farm. Shodo Island is famous for the olives they grow and turn into olive "everything". Also just about everything on the island is named olive something. There's the "Olive Bus Line", "Olive Drug Store", "Olive Gas Station" Kept the kids busy counting "Olive" references!

Sounds a bit over the top but it is a very nice place and we really had a good weekend. As for the race is was one of the best organised I've ever seen in Japan. The bag they gave us on registration took almost two hands to lift, full of samples of local foods! And the course was the best I've run. A few long gradual up hills but mostly they had us on scenic coast roads with the going slightly downhill all the way! Nice wind at our backs too!

If I wasn't injured and it hadn't rained so hard for the first 3K, (couldn't see the people more than 2 meters in front of me), I would have PBed for sure ;)

Anyway did 1:21:43 for 28th overall and 3rd in my age group. First guy in the 40~50 age group did like 1:13:00! And the winners in all groups were out of the rests class! Talking to some guy in the ferry coming back, he is 69 and did 1:32:00 and came 22nd in his age group!

I decided half way through this race to get professional help for my legs, the left one is aching almost constantly now! My next main goal will be a half in Perth in early August, I'll look for a PB there. Just one more 10K here in a couple of weeks before the weather gets too hot for racing. I'll do what I can there but that result will depend how the pins respond to treatment.


  1. Well, 1:21 while you're injured is not too shabby. Of course, whether you should be racing a Half when you're injured is another matter entirely.
    In any case, I hope you get it sorted out soon.

    Are you going to apply for Kyoto? Do you know when applications open?

  2. Yes Bob

    I will apply for Kyoto and looking at it as a PB race. March 2012 is a good time to race for me.

    But as yet haven't heard anything. Expecting something concrete in early summer. I'll let you know when I do.

  3. Good to see the beard has gone, must be more aero and you look younger!
    Impressive age group times.
    Good result Scott taking into account all your past injury problems, hope you can get it sorted soon!
    What is life like now in Japan?

  4. You are certainly doing a good job selling that race - almost makes me want to sign up for next year!

    I share your leg pain, even if my problem is the knee rather than the Achilles. Best of luck with the treatment.

  5. There are some amazingly fast people that you run against. Imagine being almost 70and running that fast but only coming 22nd in the age group. Makes me wonder how fast the first place getter ran.

  6. I had a really clever comment typed out yesterday, then bloody blogger goes on the blink and it vanishes into thin air! Something about bearded runners being faster - like the bearded bloke who won our half on Sunday - over 40 in 1:06:34!

  7. And Speedygeoff (who has shaved off his beard) could only place 2nd M60 in 92 minutes ;)

  8. Sounds like a good race! Well done considering.
    Bare face is different! You should update your profile photo now unless the beard is going to come back?

  9. nice run Scott - was thinking about spedning a few days on Shodoshima this summer to escape some of the Osaka heat with the kids...what do you reckon? stuff for all the family to do?

  10. Yes Stephen plenty to do for the family. And if you like "Olives" it's the place to go!