Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back and ready to run!

The first two photos taken in Taiwan on the way home and the others are of family and me in Australia.

Hello all! Is anyone still reading this blog? I know, I've not been around here that much myself these days but I'm back and determined to post more regularly and reconnect with you all.

Here's the basic situation with me. I've 8 weeks before I run the Osaka marathon, I'm all but over my bum injury but still having Achilles problems with both feet.

My plan is to keep on training and do the best I can in the next 8 week block to put myself in a position to at least PB. I'm going to have to bump up my weekly mileage between 120K to 160K a week starting this week and I hope this combined with a healthy diet (put on 7kgs in Australia on holidays) will be enough to help me meet my goal. Probably the shortest build up to a goal marathon I've done but as I'm in a good place mentally and wiser from experience I reckon that 8 weeks will see me peaking! I think I'm the type of runner who burns out, peaks too soon, with a traditional 18 to 16 week build up.

While I really had a good time, love Australia, I'm frankly glad to be back and more convinced than ever that it was the right decision to make my home in Asia! I'll leave you with some photos of my summer trip and head over to see what you've been up to.

Talk soon


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  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    What a nice looking family you have! Were you adopted? :-D


  3. You were over here and didn't pop in? I'll forgive you this time.
    Not great news for you on the injury front, butt I'm glad at least one part of you is feeling better.

  4. No, I'm not reading Scott. I'm watching all the Aussies crash out of the World Champs in Daegu. BTW, some bloke ran 18:44 in the 5000 so there's hope for you yet if you find the right country ;)

    You should be fine with the 8-week plan. That's all our Twitter mate Lauren Fleshman is doing - but she did run a 15-flat 5k the other day, and also made the final at the World Champs ;)

  5. Try some shockwave treatment (ESWT) on those achilles. Hurts like hell but it works. Don't know if you can find a clinic in Japan to do this for you but well worth trying.

  6. Good luck with Osaka. A truncated plan might just be the right approach.

  7. Glad to hear your back in the running,
    Nice familyt photos.
    Good luck with the training.

  8. Is it just a coincidence that you slipped into Australia via the back door as Ewen left by the front - County's not big enough for the two of you?

    I knew you'd be back in the long run. Look's like your had a great time putting on the 7kg - hope it's just as fantastic taking it off for Osaka.

  9. As we'd say in Facebook land: Welcome back hun.

    As we'd say in twitter land: G'wan ya twat.

  10. Welcome back!! Now, get to running!!!

    All the best,


  11. Great photos - agree with Mary lol! Glad you enjoyed your stay in Oz - good luck with your training back home!

  12. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I am also running Osaka, but unlike you, I don't have high expectations. I've been in kyoto for 2.5 weeks now and it's been miserably hot and humid for me. I finally forced myself to do a long, slow (painfully slow) 11 miler (that turned out to be only 10) on the 4th. I am hoping to simply *finish* Osaka, and instead train for Kyoto, which I just registered for today!
    Sign me, the anonymous American in Kyoto for the year!

  13. Cool Anonymous!

    What's your name, don't be shy. The temp will drop to the low 20s C at night from tomorrow so get your runs in early.

    And you can't rely on getting into Kyoto! I've regisitered but so has every man and his dog here and heaps of overseas entries too.

    Less than a 30% chance, I reckon! But Nagano is a month later and you can get in there if you apply on the first day, no lottery with Nagano, it's first in best dressed!

  14. Anonymous = Adam. I had a great run this morning. Only 5 miles but no humidity and 5-8 °C cooler. Thanks for the tip on Nagano.