Saturday, September 10, 2011

You don't know what I got!

The blog's title is in reference to the song "Little Deuce Coupe" that I was listening to on today's run. The line "You don't know what I got" is apt for me as at this stage of my marathon build up, I don't know what I got.

I mean starting to be more consistent but 7 weeks out and I'm struggling with the heat, my stamina is not good and speed less than I would expect at this stage. Pulled the stitches out of my lip yesterday and don't have a scar but nose and teeth are still aching and I'm still battling with a chest cold I picked up in Taiwan.

The good news is that not really being able to eat solids with my mouth the way it was has enabled me to drop a few kgs and the hope is that by next week I'll be fully back on track!

I seem to thrive on high mileage and know if I can get a couple of 160K weeks in my body will respond. This is kind of anti intuitive but you will find that in most cases a 180K week will have you feeling stronger at the end then a 90K week if you've built up to it. What's your experience with high mileage?

My first real long run tomorrow Sunday morning (30Ks) and a day with the Missus for her Birthday and back into it next week. Hope you're all well.

I'll leave you with a nice story about the original "Little Deuce Coupe" and its history.


  1. Glad to hear you're back at it full time. Stay on your feet!

    My fall schedule is a Half on Sept. 25, a 5,000m on Oct. 26 (club time trial but I will run it as a race) and another Half on Nov. 20.

  2. Great story about the Little Deuce Coupe - very cool car too.

    I haven't any experience of high mileage running, except for racing well off some 120-130k weeks many years ago. I suspect what you say would be true for me (if I weren't working constant and tiring 10-hour days). I know Flo seems to be thriving off a diet of 90 mile (150k) weeks, run as singles. There's no way I could do that at the moment.

  3. Glad to see the lip isn`t holding ya back Scott hope it heals quick, thats high milage Scott would love to know what your diet is to maintain that type of running.

  4. Sorry to hear of your accident, looks nasty!
    hope you are healing well?
    In the wise words of Jack Daniels;
    Run the least miles that give the most inprovement!