Friday, June 10, 2011


In the grand scheme of things there aren't really too many things more important than running but there are somethings and this is definitely one of them!


  1. So what do you think was going through the mind of the guy who chopped down the last tree on Easter Island?

  2. Good question Robert Song. Maybe the same thing as the people who cut links with other people. They think they can live without them!

    But while we might be able to break our human relations without much thought and get away with it in the short term (like my twice divorced 3 time married crazy sister who no longer speaks to me). It definitely affects the quality of their life and sooner of later there'll be no more people to write off and trees to cut down.

    And then they're (totally) fucked!

    No you didn't hit a nerve ;)

  3. Robert Song: "Thank god. I can sell the chain-saw AND the leaf blower."

    Scott, wish our pollies had the guts to do something. I'm ashamed to say Australia has the largest per-capita carbon footprint in the world.

  4. Nature will win in the end and humans will be a long forgotten extinct species!
    The human race does like to think of it's self as all mighty and powerful but on this planet we are at best a virus which will destroy it's very self! :0]

  5. "The human race are at best a virus." That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me Rick.

    I'm touched, so to speak! :0

  6. Anyway Rick I tend to agree!

    Perhaps wouldn't go so far but I've always though New Zealanders, at least, were a rash on the Sydney suburbs! ;)

  7. Scott, I didn't have your email to say thanks for the kind words on my blog today. :) That race was super difficult and I'm glad I didn't quit. Help from your friends is always nice!

    I hope is well and look forward to some of your posts (hint, hint).

  8. Here is an interesting link, from a tweet of Ewens', about how life as we know it is fast coming to and end!