Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thanks for the kick Clairie!

Sorry again that I haven't been updating. It's not that I have nothing to say. It's just that nothing is really clear. I'm in two minds about many things thesedays so instead of taking a position and/or waffling I'd just as soon not write at all.

Anyway here is the news to date. One week out from Osaka marathon. The last two weeks I've ran two 10K races, first at 36:50 and second 36:37. Not setting the world on fire but they have helped me get in the below marathon paced runs and shown that I can at least run 19:00 minutes to 19:30 for 5K (what I need for a marathon PB, I reckon up until 30K I'll be OK with these splits but the last 10K will be interesting. These short build ups can either work real well or be a complete disaster! I'm still basically finding my fitness still if I have a good day who knows?!

Whatever happens it will not be the end, there's always another race. I plan to do my best in the inaugural Osaka marathon so let the chips fall where they may! I'm uploading a short video of my struggle home in the heat today and a couple of photos. One of me handing my youngest son my finishing certificate and the other "Api" a former, favorite, private student.


  1. Good luck in the Osaka Marathon

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    That picture of you handing your son the certificate - dunno why, but I LOVE it. You look so happy!

    Osaka Marathon? You'll do well. I'd like to come and watch. Don't know if I can, but if I can, I will. Knowing two people doing it is inspiring.

    Kansai Mary

  3. Nice steady improvements, it's great to see your starting to run well again!
    You look to be motoring in that video, but I reckon Ewen could out kick you to the line:0]
    keep getting the miles in and your good marathon will come.
    Goal Setting
    Set a time goal that really excites you.
    Write it on a card.
    Put it in a place you can see it every day!

  4. When I was opening Blogger I was thinking, I wonder how Scott is feeling a week out from Osaka - and there was your post! Well, I hope you have a good run. Actually, the last 10k are ALWAYS interesting.

    It was pretty warm that was a decent time. The cameraman (woman) needs some practice.

    Did you hear from the Yomiuri woman? She wants to interview you. And we have 5 people going, so you may hear from them.

  5. Next weekend will certainly be interesting Scott. As you say everything ok to 30k and a bit of an experiment after that. Looking forward to the outcome. You're looking lean and ready for the challenge. All the best, Grellan.

  6. I like your attitude - "... but the last 10K will be interesting."

    That spells either a great time or a disaster. Good luck next week!

  7. Anonymous8:01 AM

    good luck in osaka next week. look out for that ginger bloke

  8. Good time for a hot day Scott. 19 - 19:30s should feel comfortable come the day. Just make it feel like you haven't done much until 30k, then go for it.

    Yes, nice video - good shot of the sky and the road ;) And yes Rick, I would out-kick the bastard (if I started 200m from the finish). I'm guessing the subtitles say "Daddy, you're running like a girl!"

    Another thing, you need to lose those 80s style mini shorts. Something between what Api's wearing and yours would fit the bill.

  9. Based on your twitter persona I'd say you have a pretty clear view on most things. Radical but clear.

    I'm with Ewen on the shorts.

  10. Great to hear an update. I believe it is always healthy to go into a race with a bit of skepticism. I am sure the last 10km will be a struggle....but aren't they always? Don't mistake hard work for poor performance/preparation.

    You have done the work. Albeit over a shorter period of time than I am used to but you are way faster than me :))))

    Can't wait to see how you go and how you feel about the race. There is always another one...just don't use that as your mantra during the race to give you an excuse to give up. Push yourself right to the very edge.
    PS. Love your photos!!!

  11. Good Luck in Osaka,wishing you all the very best

  12. Good luck for this weekend Scott. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a good result - ie that you are satisfied you gave it your all.

    Take care, enjoy the Inaugural run and don't let up :)
    oh and hurry back to post your results and race report!!!!
    *big hugs from Sunshine State****