Monday, July 18, 2011

Not in the driver's seat anymore!

But still on a highway to hell...

I'd like to tell you things are back on track but sadly it's not the case. Spent the last month going from almost better to back to the same. To worse than before, to getting better and then back to bad. Really nothing has been able to budge this pain in my rear and 3 weeks ago with hardly any running my right side heel started to throb! The pain is located at the back of the heel. It's really sore to the touch and red. Just waiting for some git to ram me on it with their shopping trolley and I'll totally lose the plot!

So now you may understand why I've been a bit quiet on the blog front! I'll be in Australia WA for most of August with the family. I got a half marathon on August 7th in Perth and after that I'll start training for the Osaka marathon. I hope I can get on top of these injuries by the end of August but if not all bets are off! I might be reduced to spending my last running years in Canberra screaming out splits for Ewen on the track!

On the bright side, if I don't run, ....actually there really isn't much of a bright side here. So I'll keep battling on and try to get back to my past glory.

Below a song I used to like, in the days when my body was my friend!


  1. Sorry to hear that, Scott. The ups and downs are strange.... Well, I hope some rest and relaxation in Oz will set you right.

  2. Probably a stupid question, but have you looked into strength training for injury prevention?

    I have made really good experiences with strengthening specific muscles in order to heal/prevent injuries.

  3. Hang in there,as a wise man once told me"tough times don't last tough people do"
    Keep the faith

  4. If you have not been able to fix your body through self help then you need to see a sports injuries specialist preferably someone who has a good reputation working with runners!
    Don't sit back hoping for a miracle, what you need is a miracle worker!
    All the best and don't give up hope!

  5. I really think that you need a definitive diagnosis. I totally agree with Rick - find a sports injury specialist or you're really just guessing and hoping.

  6. That'd be good Scott. As long as you scream them out in English and not Japanese.

    Sounds like it could be bursitis of the heel. A couple of cortisone jabs, change of shoes (more cushioned and soft in the heel counter area - or cut it away like Speedygeoff used to do) might help.

    Yours is the first blog I've looked at since I've been away. Pain in the arse to be having so much fun I haven't time to look at blogs ;)

  7. Running Injuries;
    Just a thought I've found running on softer ground has helped me recover from injuries faster, you could try running on grass and dirt paths!
    Give the Tarmac a miss for a bit and see if this helps!

  8. P.S. And STOP wearing the wife's high heels!