Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just don't know what to do with myself!

Eye just don't know ....

My bum's not responding to treatment and the complete breaks from running aren't helping. Just going to continue with the "Piriformis Syndrome" exercises and rolling on a ball (This hurts like a bastard on the sore spot) and hope it comes good. Very frustrating how it just seems to hang on. I haven't had anything like this. Wish me luck and also spare a thought for those that have to live with me, through this.

Still having said this it's not all that bad, still can run fast enough to satisfy me, and long enough to keep fitness. I think the way through this is simply to slowly increase the Ks while continuing stretching it and out while doing a few strides every 2nd day or so. Any other advice?

Also I have this bloody sore spot (sore to touch even) on the back of the heal on the otherwise good right leg! Anybody have any idea what this is and how to fix it?


  1. blimey that sounds like no fun at all - wish I had something constructive to say, but sadly don't and will now rapidly delete all thoughts of your arse from my memory banks

  2. Yes good Stephen focus on the girls'!

  3. What a bummer. Your poor family! If not a stress fracture (doesn't sound like it), continue with treatment and try to run through it. Do the type of running that doesn't hurt (faster, slower, hills, flat).

    Re the heel, if it's red and lumpy, could be bursitis. A mate of mine had that - took a year or so to eventually clear up (he ran through it). He had cortisone shots. Finding the right shoes helped.

  4. That's a tough one Scott, best wishes to you and your family. At least you can run, as for advice, concentrate on what you can do and live for today.

  5. I think you have a tight iliosacaral joint. Piriformis generally responds to a drastic cutting of mileage and stretching - it did for me. It is also the sort of thing that new runners get due to upping the mileage too soon - you don't fit that category. The iliosacaral one needs physio - unless you know an 80kg man who wants to lean on top of you while you lie back in you undies - but after 2 or 3 sessions it goes away. The Iliosacaral one will show itself with pain in the buttocks and an apparent loss of strength in the legs - you'll feel like your working harder than you should be for a give pace. Once the joint is loosened up the power comes back.

    The heel - no idea. I'd go with shoes at a guess.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts on this. All very helpful as usual!

    Richard you may very well be right! Did a search and it sounds like it might be what it is!

    Will investigate further!

  7. Well best advice is go seek professional help- for your family to cope with YOU!
    A good councillor on stress management might HELP!

    No seriously Scott if in doubt go seek out a sports physio or chiropractor who deals with running injuries [and has a good reputation].
    Shoes; One thing I have learned is most of us wear running shoes that are too small for our feet.
    You need a good inch between the end of the big toe and the front of the shoe.
    The Reason;
    As the foot lands your arch compresses to absorb the shock- as a consequence the toes spread out, if the shoes are to tight full expansion of the foot is stopped which stops the foot absorbing the landing forces correctly.
    End result injury!!!

  8. How to Choose Running Shoes
    Correct Sizing to reduce injury
    Scoot check out this video, since upping 1/2 a size I,ve been able to run with a lot less aches and pains!

  9. Rick, thanks for the link to the shoe-fit video - makes great sense (except for the heel first landing, but that's a minor point). Think I might have to go up half a size generally. I liked the 'space in front of the toe' when in running stance, also 1/2 size smaller than bozo the clown shoes!

  10. Yes Ewen I agree about not landing heel first!
    Upping the shoe size does work and allows the foot to work correctly .
    Now I'm a UK size 10.5 and proud of it :0]

  11. The fact that you two guys have taken this opportunity to talk about shoe size and not make any reference to my clip of the beautiful woman pole dancing on my recent post speaks to all that is wrong with people and the world today!

    Is there any hope for the future?!

  12. Yes my "Men of the Distance Running Blogosphere Calendar" has just lost its Mr. March and November!

  13. Well Scoot,
    The pole dancing women in the video is in fact the drug crazed 'Kate Moss' not someone to truck with me thinks!
    But we can all dream Scotty boy!

  14. Yeah Rick. Give me Kate Bush over Kate Moss any day. Let me know when your "Women of the Distance Running Blogosphere Calendar" comes out Scott and I'll order a couple from your online shop.

    And stop knocking our civilised discussion of shoe sizing. I'm a US13 Rick, but will try 13 1/2s and 14s next time.

  15. 13 1/2 eh Ewen, now that's what I call well endowed, your have Scotty boy very jealous!

    Yes Kate Bush was and still is a Babe :0}