Friday, April 29, 2011

"I'm on the right track baby I was born this way."

Any Lady Gaga fans out there? Then you must know the title of this blog. While I'm not a great fan I appreciate anyone who makes an effort and that's what she does! My race today was similar in this respect. Although I did what I could the twisting turning course of Sakai and a few injuries going in had me wanting.

Still it is a course record and I did come 5th in the Master's division. But frankly I was a little depressed after finishing. Anyway if you allow me to spin this, I'm definitely on the right track and just have to be patient. Nothing is going to rush new PBs just have to put in the extra work and wait for the right time/race.

I reckon we all need to not reach our expectations at times otherwise we would never have the motivation to train harder! Just what it will take to get me to a breakthrough I'm not sure, but I'm moving forward looking for it and that's the best I can do!

Today's time: 36:38

The video below is of me in the last 200 hundred meters and I look pathetic, not being able to muster more of a sprint! Just for the record this course is reckoned by the winners to be 200 meters long and by my measurements, my walking measure, it's over 300 meters long!

And one thing before I finish. If anyone who has anything to do with the organisation of this race is reading. Put your hand in the registration jar and 1) buy us chips, 2) put in kilometer markers, and 3) give the top ten something for their efforts. Tight bastards! You know it really makes our wonderful Sakai City look cheap and thoughtless! While I love running in my hometown, we really could do a better job of it. Just not Japanese, I reckon.


  1. Hi Scott, nice to meet you today--but I feel like I have known you for a little while since I have been following your blog...!

    I share your feelings about today. Three months ago I set my goal for the Sakai race to be a sub40. Three weeks ago I managed 40:04 in Ashiya so I thought I had a good chance of getting under 40:00 today. In spite of some good training sessions since Ashiya l finished in 41:29. Such a disappointment. (Factoring in an extra 250 metres might bring it down to 40:20). I could haul out some excuses--recovering from a cold, hayfever, lack of rest due overwork, etc-- but the fact remains I couldn't achieve my goal. Ugh. I really want to know how I can up the training to finally get under 40.

    But congrats to you on your fifth place!

    And yes the organization was dodgy. No chip, no km markers, and an extra long course -- that's a bit shocking. But all these disappointments aside, it was great weather, a good experience and good times with mates after the race. All in all no regrets, then.

    AND, you have helped me realize "I am on the right track" too! Thanks for that. Cheers, Angel

  2. Yes, you do look like you are struggling....
    Still, a 35-something (subtracting for the extra meters) is not so bad.

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    congrats on the 5th place. 36.38 is a great time for a 10.3km race. you're still on track as will be proven when you run a properly measured course. next!

  4. I felt the same way after failing to achieve my target at London.
    Sometimes we try too hard and maybe just backing off a little will allow your body to bounce back to the next level.
    As the others said on a accuate 10K course you would be close to 35 mins, but having said that I know you are capable of more!
    Yes your sprint would not impress Mr Bolt,s for sure . but hey great crowd support from the family ;0]

  5. Thanks Angel!

    Terrific day on the whole and glad to get some support. Don't worry about Sakai. My Mate that did 46 min on a normal 10K a few months ago did 51 today!

    And to my regulars, don't worry I'll be the first to tell you when the end of the good times has come. This is just a brief intermission.

    I may have a few spent fuel rods but nowhere near a full meltdown!

  6. It's hard not to feel disappointed when you don't reach your goal and you feel you've given it everything but I'm impressed with how quickly you've pulled yourself up and refocused. (And I think your time is amazing!)

  7. Ah you know, I find it really hard to feel sorry for you for "only" running a 36-10k.

    My best guess is that after all the marathon training, your sharpness isn't quite there yet for the shorter distances.

  8. Glad you're not blaming it on Fuckushima Scott. Yes, @ladygaga rocks but that's a lame video - she's not even moving - just like you with your 'kick' in that race.

    35-something is OK, but you need to get into the 34s soon. Fire off an email to Jaymee's new coach for a plan and get Keith to work on your form! And Tarantino for a few cameraman lessons for your kids ;)

  9. Ha Ewen! Nice comment!!!

    It was my wife on the camera. She is only slightly better at cooking fish!!!!

  10. Hey Scott,

    Get the Mrs to take a video of the 1st 100m in your next race, you'll look a lot better!
    It really is very annoying when you pays your money and dont get what you paid for - 10KM
    As for the time, it will come, persevere.