Friday, November 24, 2006

Wake up

Couldn't wake up early enough for my run this morning and got home late and feeling tired so I'll try get it in tomorrow morning. Usually Saturday is a non running day for me as I rest a little before my long run on Sunday.

What do you reckon about slipping in a short speedwork session on Saturday morning, the one I should have done on Friday. Do you think it will drain me too much before my 2 hours 40mins long run on Sunday?

I think if I can leave my long run until late afternoon Sunday and do the speed session early Saturday then I'll have enough time to recover between sessions.


  1. They reckon you can follow up a speed session with a long run without too much risk but not visa versa.

    Of course with most races here on Sundays and our little groups long runs on Saturdays I chose to ignore that. So I'm hardly the best person to give advice ..... other than "have a great weekend" :-)

  2. If it were me I would say no, but you're a lot fitter than me! A 2hr 40 min run sounds like a lot of hard work.

  3. Mmmm, maybe this is too late...

    Yes, you could do it. Racing Saturday and long run Sunday is a common pattern and speedwork is like a race (probably easier really).

    Maybe back off the intensity slightly and aim for even splits with good control.