Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tesso came up with an idea to post a song a week and I agree it is a good idea. Do you know Ami and Yumi AKA Puffy from Japan? Not to everyones taste but I like them a lot. Listening to them pre race will help you PB. This and a couple of months of long runs and speedwork!


  1. Very cute! I'd never heard of them.

    I spotted some good pre run warmup moves in there.

    I'll try to get a hold of it and put your theory to the test :-)

  2. 金魚は可愛いね!

    Thanks for sharing that Scott.

  3. Good idea for a pre-race boost!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, much appreciated.

    We're born in the same year and I'm a fellow dragon.. shame I can't run as fast as you too!

  4. Groovy Groovy Groovy!

    I'll play it before my next 3000 :)