Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mid week crisis

No problems just thought that was a cool title for a blog post. Did and hour twenty last night and after running the first 3 K in about 5:30 per K I ran the next 12K in an average of 4:30 per K. I intended to run this session slow but just got the urge to go faster. Still feeling good from Sunday's race and the body is handling it well. Start the serious build up for Tokyo marathon the day after tomorrow. My last billards and beer night tonight for the month at least.


  1. Nice work on the Half Marathon PB!
    Thats a flash time and you should be proud of it!]

    Cheers R2B

  2. Sooooooo, does that mean your last beer night, or just your last billiards and beer? I could understand the crisis if it was no more beer until the marathon :-)

    Sounds like all is going well.

    BTW, in answer to your query BRRC continue races (every fornight at least) all year round, including summer. There's also a few other low key events such as Kurrawa to Pt Danger. So no excuse to stop training!

  3. Can I have a mid week crisis like that?

  4. Your mates email was a good one Scotty. I have been lurking but working remotely so no real time to comment.

    WEll done on the Half Marathon and I hope that means there are some good things to come in 92 more days.

    Time to give the beer up for a while and add to that running base of yours with lots of mileage and speed to prepare you for the run of your life.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  5. hey there. thanks for stopping by my blog. holy moly - you are fast! looking forward to reading about your marathon progress...