Saturday, November 25, 2006

Built for speed

Imagine, if Gandi hadn't been busy uniting a nation he could have run a pretty good marathon. I don't reckon his resting heart rate would have been more than 30bpm. Any other historical figures you think could of been good distance runners?


  1. Can't think of any historical figures but I can think of a few hysterical ones :-)

  2. Henry V111 would have been good at the 6 x 100m relay ;)

  3. Yes Tesso

    And one of them would be Ewen, I'd guess!

  4. lol, Mahatma could have used running legs to get away from those Brits!

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't get into that file to listen to the interview - our computer is slow and old -- must try to listen to it on somebody's else's (better) computer! Thanks tho!

  5. There is an audio file?? All I see is a picture.

    Good - because I did not understand the question anyhow. I was wondering how you would say he would be good at running just from his photo...I thought maybe the thinning hair helps????