Monday, November 06, 2006

NYC Marathon

I was reading this morning about Lance Armstrong's showing in the New York City Marathon.
On his first attempt Lance managed 2:59:0o and he said that this attempt made his efforts in winning the Tour de France pedestrian.

Kind of makes me feel good that someone of his caliber has such respect for the distance. I don't think it will be his last attempt. After Sheryl Crow the only other thing that can give meaning to his life is the marathon, I reckon!


  1. For a guy who knows how to suffer on the Tour, that's quite a statement. He must have been hurting bad!

  2. Yes, but as Bill Rodgers said "The marathon can humble you."

  3. Wonder he'll go back for more. Reckon he's capable of a 2:30 something?

  4. Thanks for the info, I was about to check his time.
    He is an incredible athlete! Only his first attempt and not much training, as far as I know....

  5. Well it's ggod to see someone of Lance Armstrongs profile showing just how hard it can be!!!

    I liked your step 4 post too i have the book and i think i will pick it up again...