Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting better, together.

I want to share an email a mate of mine sent me.I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Malcolm and I have been running for about three years and friends for about one. In fact, we met in a job interview he was the employer and since finding out that eachother runs we have kept contact and have had a couple of runs together. He lives in Tokyo, me in Osaka. I enjoyed reading this as it shows an aspect of our sport that differs from other sports. Like surfing for example,I used to be pretty involved with it and we really don't encourage the beginner, in fact they aren't treated all that well.

"Today I ran 4 loops of the Imperial Palace with a couple of school administration staff from Lado.
They're new to running and wanted to run 20km today. They asked me to come along because it was their first time to run 20km and wanted some coaching and advice. And also a bit of encouragement to get them round the 4 loops. They've tried to run that distance before, but have given up half way in the past.

I set the pace slow and pretty much jogged the whole way. One of them almost dropped out after the 2nd loop and the other almost dropped out after the 3rd loop, but by combining jogging with walking I got them both round 4 loops and completed the 20km. Tears were had by all.

It took 2 hours 40 minutes !!

I personally didn't get much of a good run out of it, but it was good to be reminded about how hard it was when I also first started running.
It also made me realize how much I've achieved over the past 3 years or so. It was a good day for reflection.
They were really grateful for my help too, although I think I was the more moved at the end as I knew exactly what they were going through and how hard it was for them.
We runners keep chipping away to new heights and often forget what it was like in the early stages.

You've now chipped away a little more to set an new PB and the two girls today achieved something new which they will have for life and probably never forget.

This is a great sport. We can all be winners together!!"


  1. That's lovely. Thanks so much for sharing it with us Scott.

    Its amazing how much effect a few words of encouragement does have. When people tell me I'm doing well its such a boost and I'm sure I actually start to do even better. So now if I notice somebody having a particularly good day at Pat's or elsewhere I make a point of letting them know.

    Guess with most runners its a bit of a mutual admiration society :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing that Scott. It is so true about how the runners encourage each other. When I did my first race I was certain that all the REAL runners were going to see me and wonder what I was doing there. I managed to get over that pretty quickly when I realised that there was such a variety of people there.

    The most memorable part of the race was about 200m from the end when the guy who won the 10k was standing on the side encouraging the slower runners - his words really lifted me and it meant such a lot that a REAL runner would bother.