Wednesday, November 29, 2006

9 seconds

I'm still battling this cold but starting to feel a little better.

Good news today I got the official time for my half marathon and it seems I gained 9 seconds to slip me into 1:28:51. I'll take that! As you know the difference between this and 1:29:00 is huge to a runner like myself.

Now what to do with my extra nine seconds? And don't say it! I'm all too virile for that.


  1. Congratulations Scott. Sub 1:29 is a very good time. Tokyo grows steadily closer huh! I hope you are planning to catch up with all my mob when you are up here for that. We will be having a party or two afterwards I suspect.

  2. You could try a 60 metre race.

    That Tesso is a card. I should have said 'most cities except Brisbane'.

    By the way, what is 'Ganbatte'?

  3. That's great. Now you can call it a 1:28 and not a 1:29 :-)

  4. It's a fantastic time! Isn't it amazing how 9 seconds can be so significant in a race or run, but of little consequence the rest of the time.

  5. Ewen

    "Ganbatte" means "Do your best" or "Go for it" or something along those lines. You often here it said to people starting something new, like a new job, or to sports people, often screamed out to runners by the crowd. A very versatile expression and somewhat better than the Aussie one of "Go you good thing!"

  6. That's a great time Scott and 9 seconds makes all the difference as Tesso's a 1.28 something.