Monday, April 29, 2013

Sakai City 10K report

Well, the Sakai City 10K is done and dusted for another year. Although I didn't do exactly what I expected, allow me to put a positive spin on things. I've only ever gone faster 5 times than the 36:10 I got today, given a cooler day and a straighter course, I reckon, that would of been a PB!

1K 3:13
2K 3:36
3K 3:38
4K 3:32
5K 3:40
6K 3:43
7K 3:42
8K 3:45
9K 3:34
Last K 3:40

Given everything I can't complain and I had a really good day. I felt the injured ankle didn't end up a factor and I was able to run pretty strong and within myself. I will try to get it fixed and continue with training under the tutelage of the "Tinman" fully believing that my best races are in front of me.

Also I'd like to congratulate Mr. Vince Bosco for his "comeback" race. He did 35:10! Bumping me from the position of fastest white dude in Sakai City! Looking forward to better times from Vince too. Couldn't ask for a better training partner.

Where is that damn satellite?!

Vince and I soaking our puppies.

The last 200 meters of the race.


  1. Congratulations Scott! That is a killer time, and on a hot day, too! Glad your ankle didn't bother you. What's up next, the Sapporo Marathon?

  2. Thanks a lot Nick! Yes, I'll be heading to Hokkaido for that race on August 25th. From now I'll be focusing on getting the body ready for a marathon, at speed (for me), in the heat. Looking forward to it!

  3. Great result Scott :0]
    Hope you can blog more about your training.
    Cheers Rick

  4. Thanks Rick! Yes, I will, but you know how I am with the numbers side of running. ;)

  5. I think it's "Tinman" Scott ;-) Good race - can see the heat effect in the positive split. Reckon you would have run 35:45 with a 3:30-35 first km, but no guts, no glory eh?
    Also, good to see your old girl's video skills have improved.

  6. Where would I be without your, insight, advice and proof reading Ewen?! Thanks.

  7. Anonymous9:00 PM

    great splits scott and what a confidence boost. congratulations

  8. Congratulations. That's a cracking time. Obviously the weight you lost wasn't muscle weight - just extra baggage.

  9. You were within 2% of your PB Scott, which is a great result considering that you are still a work in progress this seasion. I'd agree with Ewen that the blistering pace of the first k cost you a few seconds and seaonds really count at the sharp end of 10k racing that you are at.

  10. ps you were only 12 seconds off your 3k PB!!!

  11. Cool! Didn't notice that Grellan. As I don't have any races to speak of until my marathon in August I'll be looking to PB the 3K and 5K in training so as I have something concrete to show for all the work. ;) Thanks again, and all the best with your training.

  12. Good result! Hope the marathon training will not aggravate old (and new) injuries. If it does, bag it!

  13. Just watched the video. If you kept to the racing line (inside of the curve) you'd have shaved a few seconds off your time ;-)