Sunday, May 12, 2013

Start of Hokkaido marathon training.


  1. Hi Scott

    Nice to hear the weather gods are smiling on you. My wife (Eriko) and our two daughters (Naomi and Saya) arrived there last Friday. One month in Osaka while their Dad holds down the fort here in New Zealand. Well someone's got to pay the bills.

    The best of luck with your training ahead of Hokkaido. WOW training in an Osaka summer! You'll need a few more beers on that deck of yours to get through I bet.

    Id like to ask you a favour. I've just posted a bog of my own. I'd really appreciate you stopping by every now and then to keep an eye on my progress. I really want to qualify for Boston one day but after a very disappointing Rotorua Marathon last Saturday I feel I need to just about start all over again.

    In your latest video you talk about how excited you are with your new training programme. Do you think it's something I could work with?

    Mark Watson (Rotorua, New Zealand)

  2. Hi Scott, have you tried 'Tulis Heel Cups'? I used them to get over my PF many years back - they reduced pain on my heel and allowed me to keep running through the injury, which eventually disappeared.

    Another option could be to rotate shoes (I know you like light shoes) with something like the Hoka One One Bondi - looks heavy, but quite light - may help you to run through it, esp with the long runs.

  3. Hi Mark thanks for commenting. I'd be happy to follow your blog, always interesting seeing how others train and improve. I'm on my way over there now.

    Thanks too Ewen I've never used those hell cups but I will google them and see if I can get some. Cheers, i'll do what you said vis a vis rotating shoes too, sounds like a good idea!

  4. Hi Scott. I'm planning to run the Hokkaido Marathon this year but am having trouble w the registration. Do u need to create an online user account beforehand? Registration opens in 2days. Thanks

  5. Hello Jenn, I'm sorry but I don't really remember but pretty sure I didn't have to create an online user account. When it opens it should be pretty straight forward to do online. All the best.