Sunday, August 25, 2013


Actually never got going today. Held back on purpose the first 15K and then tried to pick it up the but all that did was aggravate my right ankle and lower leg problem, the one that's been plaguing me for 6 months, and by the 25th K it was numb in pain and I was done.

Still after walking 3 times for about 5 mins each time I was able to finish. Really nothing to say I could get depressed and throw in the towel or throw the blame on my body and work to fix it. That's what I'll do. Actually think if I didn't run this my leg was on the mend but still obviously too soon to race that distance on it.

Anyway glad not to have DNFed and I'm on to the next one after giving the puppies a rest. Really beat that leg up today.

Oh and the time. A PW, I haven't run that slow since December 2007. 3:17:34

Before the start it was cloudy, sunny for the start and until about 35K and then a rain storm to the end.
Pretty hot overall but I could have handled the heat if foot held up.

The medal is a beauty modeled on the sculpture in the Sapporo Station. See me below.


  1. If racing a marathon was easy I guess we wouldn't be as attracted to it as we are. But it can be a hard mistress for sure.

    Get the body right and have another crack when all is better.

  2. Sorry to here about your continuing injury woes :0]
    Maybe stick with shorter races for a while and give the body a rest from the hard pounding!
    Your body is telling you something and you need to listen to it.
    And anyway your p.b. of 2.45 is bloody impressive :0]

  3. Maybe have a go at cracking my M50 p.b. of 1.17.55 I know you can do it :0]

  4. Agree with Robert Song - get the leg sorted and there's nothing stopping you from running great times (as he has). Still reckon you're a 2:3X man with a perfect prep on the right day. Keep at it Scott.

  5. I'm with Rick - shorter races. Anyway, hope you had a nice trip to Hokkaido.
    I believe you got photobombed in the shot with the medal.

  6. If you have any niggle going into a Marathon, no matter how small, it's always touch and go whether or not you'll get through it without it causing a problem. Fair dues to you for toughing it out to the finish Scott, when it would have been very easy to throw in the towel. You certainly have it in you to run 2:3x, but the challenge is to get a perfect run at it with race specific uninterrupted training and a race day where everything clicks into place. Easier said than done perhaps. Take care and looking forward to hearing about your next build.

  7. Just woke up after a couple of hours sleep feeling better. I had a slpliting headache and cold shivers! Seems like the heat turned out to be a factor too. Anyway no summer training and marathons for a while.

    I appreciate your continued faith in me. I would forgive you for writing me off as a 2:45 man but sincerely believe I've got a 2:30 in me. But as they say actions speak louder than words. Still, another few like that one and I'll ship myself off to the glue factory. ;) Thanks again all

  8. Sorry to hear about your injury and well done for finishing. I am sure that your summer training can help you to a PB in Kobe if your injury is better in a couple of weeks. Otherwise as Rick says you can conentrate on speed. For sub 2.40 you probably need to be in sub 76.30 half marathon shape so being able to run sub 16.30 for 5k will really help. I imagine that nearly all sub 2.40 runners are sub 35 for 10k.

  9. Sorry to hear it did not quite go to plan, Scott.

  10. Some days are just hard work. But I guess that makes the good races all that more precious. Get those injuries of yours sorted out and it'll be a different story next time.