Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two weeks to go!


  1. I agree that the consistency since Feb should hold you in good stead.
    Getting the foot sorted out is the most important thing. Rest as much as you have to! You do not HAVE to do every run on your schedule.

    And it's so hot, you don't need the heartrate monitor anyway.
    I'll tell you what your heartrate is: it's high. Don't worry about it.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    hope the foot problem sorts itself out. the hard work is done, am sure you will be ok come race day. taper well.

  3. Thanks fellas.

    And Bob that last paragraph is spot on! I needed to hear that! BTW my 15k marathon paced long run went pretty well last night so feeling more confident today.

  4. Steve Jones and Ron Hill never ran with a watch and did some pretty impressive times :0]
    Mate you got to believe in yourself!
    banish all negative thoughts and Man up and do the business :0]

  5. Just got back from the sports doc. Finally have a diagnosis. He said inflammation of the tendon muscle bone around the lower part of the fibula. He said it was the beginning of a stress fracture of the fibula.

    So relieved to know this and he gave me some rehab exercises to to and I go back Friday to get some heat therapy on the bone. The best thing is I can still run, just told me to be prepared for some pain at the end of the marathon. I will be but hopefully I can now start with no pain.

    I'll let you know how the few weeks before the marathon go.

  6. Looking forward to being fit enough to "man up" thanks Rick. ;)

  7. Sounds like you need a bit of inspiration and who better than a man from your neck of the woods. Enjoy and good luck with the week ahead.

  8. Hi Scott,
    Very much enjoying reading about your experiences in running in Japan in the summer. I came across your blog last week and it is most interesting. I am in Japan for 2 months each summer staying with my parents-in-law in Gunma and really struggle in the heat when running. Our PBs are almost the same except that you are about 30 seconds quicker for 5k and I think you are 4 or 5 years older than me. Apart from a few interval sessions, the fastest I run in this heat is 4.10 pace and most of my 100-120 kpw is at 4.30-5.00 pace depending on the terrain. The last 2 years I have then gone back to England and found 3.54 marathon pace in my Autumn marathon fairly comfortable despite not doing many proper long runs. In England for me a long run is 32k plus but here I consider 26/27k a long run.
    Best of luck for Hokkaido and with the foot injury. If it is cool weather I am sure that you will storm it. If it is hot, my advice would be to ignore the watch and concentrate on a strong finish as that will be great prep for Kobe and sub 2.45. I do the London marathon each year. The fastest V50 did 2.41 last year and only 4 broke 2.45. Given that you are young in running terms, you could be one of the fastest V50s around when you reach that category in a few years!

  9. Hello Pascal

    Thanks for getting in contact. Great to know someone in the same position struggling with the heat here. And do appreciate your words of encouragement. Thanks again. I hope our paths cross and you keep in contact. All the best.

  10. Thanks for the link Mark.

    Deek was certainly a tough bugger and arguably the best, an inspiration to all big men and little ones too.

  11. Beginning of a stress fracture is better than a stress fracture. Hopefully the taper will stop it in its tracks. After the race, it doesn't matter. Pat Farmer ran the last part of his run across the US with a stress fracture. It won't kill you.

  12. If you say so Ewen I wouldn't want to die!! Thanks as always. ;)

  13. The work is done at this stage Scott. The more you "recover" before the race the less the pain will be over those closing miles. Taper well and have a great race. Run smart.