Friday, June 28, 2013

Kobe Marathon. I'm in!

Got the news today that I was successful in my application to run in the November 17th 2013 Kobe marathon. Nothing like a big city marathon to get the juices flowing and Kobe is the spiritual home of running in Japan. The prefecture "Hyogo" where Kobe is the capital city always puts on the best organized races. Every time I run here I'm impressed by this!

I suppose you shouldn't expect less from the home of ASICS (See below).


  1. Congratulations. That sounds exciting.

  2. That's good Scott - gives you a second shot this year to break 2:40. Don't wear your old Tigers though - the suction cup soles will slow you down ;-)

  3. Watch out for that nasty hill at the 35km mark. Ganbatte ne.