Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Good Day.

While I didn't get a PB, actually four minutes shy, I did have a good day. Nice weather, couldn't buy a cloud in the morning and wind was only blowing against us for about 8 out of 42K. The thing that made me happy was that I finished and regained my confidence for the marathon that had taken a battering the previous 3 attempts.

I now know that with continued training with "Tinman" and a can do attitude, anything is possible!! Well a least it has given me the confidence to know 2:30..... something is indeed possible.

More later.

A few snaps from the day.

Fall  in Japan is the bomb!


  1. Scott Brown you are BACK. What an awesome day. I'm so pleased for you. You must be wrapped with that time. I remember looking at the elevation for Kobe a while back and thinking - what a place to put a bloody hill! Was it near the 36K mark? That said, and looking at your splits, I don't doubt you have it in you to go way faster. Provided to STAY healthy and don't overdo things. Young man, I'm proud of you.

  2. Hell of a good run. Yes, conditions were great today, there was good racing all over Japan (did you read the japanrunningnews Ageo report?). I had a good race, too, but not as good as yours. Congrats.

  3. Your boys are growing so quickly. When I first started reading your blog they seemed quite small. Not so any more.

  4. Anonymous11:11 PM

    great you are headingin the right direction again. congrats scott

  5. Glad to hear you had a good day Scott. That's a solid run and solid confidence booster for the future. Can see you holding 3:45 ks all the way pretty soon. Just need the uninterrupted build-up, that's all.

  6. Thanks all! Really appreciate your comments. And yes Ewen, to be able to hold 3:45 ks "all the way" is my goal.

  7. Hi Scott. I think we talked and ran together at 10k for a bit, as we were some of the few foreigners in the race. Good result on your side as well, as this is not an easy race. Hope you crack the 2:40 one day, which is my target too.

    I finished in 2:45 and was a good race. Missed my 2:43 target, but lost time due to the wind and way too much time at the bridge due to lack of power and a hamstring issue. Good result in any case and would have been 2:43-44 on a flat course, so I am satisfied with this.

    Question: I cannot find the overall results. I found my time, but not placing. Also are there photos online? Everything in Japanese....

  8. Hey Bernie! Yes I remember you!! I was actually looking for you at the end but didn't find you. Yes no overall results up yet. I'll let you know when I see them and neither are the photos, perhaps tomorrow. My email is please get in touch so I can send you a mail.

    Interesting to hear you thought it was "not an easy race" that makes our times a little better ;) All the best, congratulations and keep in touch.