Saturday, November 06, 2010

NYC Marathon

Looking forward to the running of the NYC Marathon tomorrow. Geb to win, Meb a close 2nd, I reckon. As long as they get out in front of the crowd that is ;)

wtf photos videos - Overkill 9000: A Marathon Traffic Jam
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  1. Somehow I don't think they will have a problem :]
    it's gooding to be a really exciting day, for sure.
    i see next year Geb's coming to Japan to race you Scott!

  2. Geb should do it easily. 2:07 pace will feel like jogging for a 2:04 man. I'm still waiting for Rick to come up with a web site where I can watch it online ;)

  3. What a great photo! Looks like the City 2 Surf on steroids!

  4. Ewen you can watch NYC Marathon on Universalsports but it will cost you 4 dollars.

  5. Thanks Rick. Will check it out. The price of two beers, so that's stretching the friendship a bit ;)

  6. That crowd is why running in Adelaide is so much of a pleasure - 600 people is a large starting group!