Saturday, November 13, 2010

Number 7

I'll need a pair to PB tomorrow "Wow"

Tomorrow I'll run the Osaka Riverside Half Marathon for the 7th time. This event was my first ever race at 39 years old! Seems like the weather will be suspect, as usual, for this race again, usually rains, but I'm in pretty good shape and if I can hold my pace until the end, my condition holds, I'll give my PB a shake or at least have a nice workout in prep for a few PBs early next year.

I was looking at the cards I got from the previous runs there tonight. They show a nice progression and just how much faster I've got and how this race has grown over the last few years.

2003 143rd place out of 499 people in a time of 1:39:18
2004 138th place out of 651 people in a time of 1:35:08
2005 Didn't run it
2006 56th place out of 620 people in a time of 1:29:00
2007 72nd place out of 668 people in a time of 1:31:21
2008 27th place out of 727 people in a time of 1:23:00
2009 11th place out of 1162 people in a time of 1:19:25

And 2010 (thinking something like)
7th place out of 1302 people in a time of 1:17:45 (We will see).


  1. I wish you the best on that, always good to shoot high!

  2. Barry Sheene always had the number 7 on his bike, But he did crash a lot :]

  3. "Wow!" indeed. If you've got a pair half that big you'll PB for sure. My educated guess is 7th place in 1:17:33.

  4. Hope the race goes well Scott.Lance Armstrong says on the morning of a race when he looks out the window if its dull and raining he gets a lift cause he knows its affecting other guys in the race.Good luck.

  5. I'm not even going to ask what that add is about!

    You definitely don't want a pair like that though - they'd just slow you down!