Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heart Rate Vs Pace

Heart Rate Monitor (get it?)

I've been running with a heart rate monitor this last week and I'm here to tell you it is by far the better option when compared to running by pace per km. Why? Because, firstly one can basically just estimate what 1km is when running on anything but a marked track. And, two once you know your max heart rate you can know how to run within the various limits and vary your pace and range more accurately, getting the best out of your training.

When I have been running by "feel" I tend to go too fast on slow days and too slow on fast days. This heart rate monitor is really showing me that my past training has been a bit hit and miss. I think in a month or so my racing condition is going to be so much better because of this new training method.

We shall see.


  1. Goanna!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you go with this new training method. I know Bideau is fond of HRMs for his athletes 'til they get a good feel for what 'easy running' is. And I've read many of the Kenyans jog very slowly on designated easy runs.

  2. I also use a HRM on my Level one easy runs, but tend to go by pace on the harder workouts, Main reason is that on the interval sessions it can takes time for the heart rate to catch up to the effort your putting out.
    But the HRM has the advantage that you can maintain correct effort even going uphill or into a strong wind!

  3. Really interested to see how this goes for you Scott I belive you should start to see your speed increase for a given heart rate over time let us know how ya get on.

  4. I've been using an HRM for years, but I never had the knowledge to let the figures shape my training. It is one of the things I hope to learn from my present coach.

  5. I think the biggest benefit I get from my HRM is that I can tell when I'm hurting because I'm actually run-down or over training, as opposed to being soft!

    I usually find it makes me run faster when I'm just being soft......