Monday, November 29, 2010

Top 100 Australian Albums

Bob so as it's not "non-sensical" to you, this song is about "Cyclone Tracy" that completely destroyed the Northern Australian City of Darwin on December 25th 1974. It finished the job "Tojo" Japanese general started by partly destroying the same city at the end of the second world war.

Sorry but you are going to have to click through to Youtube, on this screen, to see this. They're getting strict on this.

The 100 Best Australian albums:
1.Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust
2.AC/DC – Back in Black
3.Crowded House – Woodface
4.Cold Chisel – Circus Animals
5.The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional
6.Easybeats – The Best Of
7.Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls – Gossip
8.You Am I – Hi Fi Way
9.Skyhooks – Living in the 70’s
10.Avalanches – Since I Left You

I was just looking at a list of the above complete 100 and was feeling very nostalgic. Of course there will be argument on what's "good" or not, Bob obviously doesn't agree with "The Avalanches" at number 10,(see previous song and comment) but making these lists is a bit like "hitting a bees nest with a stick" as one of the authors said, it is bound to stir things up! And you should remember they are Best "Albums" and have to be taken as a complete unit, and not just one or two songs. By the way they really don't do albums any more, do they?

Anyway if you haven't had a good look at what "Australian music" is all about take a look at this list, it is a great starting point.

While I pretty much agree with number 1, Can get much more Australian than "Midnight Oil" I would have put The Hoodoo Gurus' "Stoneage Romeos" at the top of my list, but it only comes in at number 28 on this list. Which gives me an opening to play a favorite from this album :)

Before I finish going off on my unrelated running tangent I want to show you another Hoodoo Gurus' song, my all time favorite!

This might not ring everyones bells but it really resonates with me. The young Scott Brown was at a gig watching this band and this song on the night he broke up with the love of his life. Music is a lot of things but mostly it's a time and a place. Ever since this I've liked anything that looks or sounds like this,despite what anyone thinks!


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    good to see aussie crawl have an entry at 42, but shame no goanna band; thought their 82 'spirit of place' album was exceptional.

  2. Ahhhh, good old Hoodoo's. I'll have to get onto i-tunes and see if I can download some for old times sake. Who ever heard of buying an album?

  3. Amazingly the Hoodoo Gurus are still going around (although with less hair these days), and playing better than ever.

    I would have had Hunters & Collectors higher up - also Aussie Crawl.

    Yes, the kids of today are missing out on the magic of an 'album'. Cover art is a lost art.

  4. Yes, that's a good song.
    Ok, I don't claim to know much about Australian music, but...
    Midnight Oil of course have to be No. 1
    I love Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls. I think they should be higher. I don't know some of the albums above them but I don't care, they should be higher.
    Men at Work at 99? ninty f***in 9?? Just for Down Under and Who Can It Be Now, two of the biggest Australian songs internationally of all time, that album has got to be higher than that. I mean, Down Under was as big as Crocodile Dundee in America. That has got to mean something. Hell, they taught the world that "women glow and men chunder."
    And finally...what about Yothu Yindi? Tribal Voice? A great album. And that's AUSTRALIAN music. That has got to be in the top 100, no, top 50.