Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The leaves, they are a changing.

Fall in Osaka

Getting cool here and winter is just around the corner. It's a nice time of year to race and train here now. It was a public holiday today, Tuesday, and we did somethings to celebrate my youngest's 8th Birthday.

Got a message from Ewen today too saying that the latest "Run 4 Your Life" magazine has just come out and they have a feature article of mine in it. If you are in Australia, or you want to subscribe, have a look.

Above a couple of photos from today.


  1. And it has suddenly got hotter here in Canberra. Seasons they're changing.

    No sooner had I brought in my R4YL magazine from the letter box today than an excited Ewen SMSd me before I had a chance to open it.

    Well done Scott and much thanks for your kind words. Good story too!

  2. So you are a published writer? very cool!

    It's definitely getting cool here as well. I'm bloody freezing at times and can't find those €2 gloves in the thrift shop that are perfect for running.

  3. Mice photo with the leaves and all.
    Should have made your video here!

    all our leaves have gone, blown away by early winter gales.
    the forecast is for snow.
    Tess is growing a long coat.
    And Thomas needs some figging heavy duty sky gloves unless he wants his fingers to drop off!

  4. Haa,ha, did I say 'Mice' :]
    Congrats on your article, looking forward to seeing your works in RT and RW!

  5. Great pics but you are following the Nihonjin and not smiling!!
    I will get a copy of R4YL when I get back to Melbourne.
    Run well.

  6. Thomas, what's amazing about the story is that it was very polished. Informative, inspiring and funny. Much better than the rubbish Scott usually posts on his blog ;)

    Not sure if they cater for the Irish, but you can subscribe here.

  7. Wow thats some place Scott love the colors on the trees.

  8. Stunning photos Scott. I must be a magic time of year to be living there!

    I'll keep an eye out for the article!