Thursday, November 25, 2010

Slow motion analysis

Yes, sorry the classy part of my blog didn't last long. But I have a stupid clip to show you and a serious question.

I want someone to look at my running style and do some analysis on it, so I'll need to get some slow motion clips of me running at various speeds and angles. The question is: Does anyone know a simple way to convert normal video to slow mo?

I just read that windows movie maker will do it but have to look at it as I've never used it before. Anyone done this or know how?

Thanks in advance.

Just hope I look a bit cooler in slow motion than these people ;)


  1. funny video, wow that fat guy could wobble.
    Not used slow motion myself but this video seems to give clear instructions on how to do it;
    Make sure you get video showing you from the side, back and front.

  2. Thanks Rick,

    I'll try that. And Ewen. thanks also. I don't know what happened I read your comment on gmail but it, for some reason, didn't appear here where you sent it.

    Strange happening with things computer, thesedays.

  3. That's one of the best videos I've ever seen. And you know what's really interesting? All of them, except for the guy holding the yellow thing, even the fat ones, land on their forefoot or midfoot. No heel strikers. Talk about natural running!

  4. PS: Be sure to check our Brett's blog (japanrunning news) about the Nishi Kasana race. A new Japanese star may have been born.

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  6. THAT was Brilliant ! Loved every moment and laughed through out! I thought I might have looked something like that this morning as I trundled towards the line!! Cheers!

  7. Scott, could be because there was a link (or two) in my comment and Blogger prob thinks I'm a spammer and auto-deletes these posts.

  8. Man, there are some serious style issues there (and I'm not talking about running style). Slow-mo should be banned! (but it is funny).