Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes you kick!

Sometimes you get kicked!

Not sure why I expected any better today, but I did feel good going in. Still, I should feel happy with my 1:22:?? as only 4 weeks ago I couldn't even jog well and I haven't done any long runs, to speak of, since July. The speed is there, 18 min first 5K and 36 min first 10k, just started to struggle after the 15th K. Anyway I know what I've got to do in order to get some PBs early in the new year. Now to work on it!


  1. Thats a good time. Well done.
    Did you win your age group?

  2. Didn't even get in the top 6 (who all got bling) in my age group, Jon :(

  3. Your moving in the right direction, keep training and the good times will come :]

  4. Good running Scott nothing like a race to get ya back on track.

  5. Price you pay for being young!

  6. Good to see you yesterday Scott! I'd be more than happy with that time! I shouldn't worry about not getting a prize, I didn't realise they were giving them to top 6 so I didn't even get mine!

  7. Scott! Mate! You're going to cause me to lose my 'king of predictions' crown.

    Yes, seeing as you could barely shuffle 4 weeks back, that's not too bad. I've only run faster 3 times ;)

  8. With a month or two more of training you'll be feeling a lot better.

  9. I suppose you haven't quite factored in the fact that you're still at the start of the racing season.

    Better times will come.

  10. Scott, that's a great time! More to the point though, it's also a good predictor of next year's time based on the pattern of times you've shown in this race (times from previous year):

    Year 1: benchmark
    Year 2: down 4 minutes
    Year 3: down 6 minutes
    year 4: up 2.5 minutes
    Year 5: down 8 minutes
    Year 6: down 4.5 minutes
    Year 7: up ~3 minutes
    Year 8 (next year): down 6-8 minutes.

    By my calculations, that will give you a PB of sub 1:13!

  11. " Lies, damned lies, and statistics" Like it Bay ;)

  12. Scott did you get an average pulse rate for your 1/2 marathon this should = upper level 3 [87% Max Heart rate]and you can work out your other levels from it.
    L1=60-70% Max heart rate
    L2= 70- 80% MHR
    L3= 80-87% MHR
    L4= 87-92% MHR
    Or; you can do a Max heart rate test, the best way I've found is to find a long hill which takes about 5 mins to reach the top.
    Start the first 3 mins at about 1/2 marathon effort, then start a series of sprints with only a 5 sec jog between then sprint again, make each sprint harder until your legs go!
    record your max heart rate.
    Make sure you are fresh before this test to get best results.
    If you only have a short hill say 2 mins long, then run the first 3 mins on the flat at 1/2 MP and finish on the hill!
    Let us know how you get on.