Friday, November 19, 2010


Just uploading this here now to see how it looks before putting it or something similar on the "Samurai Running" website. Let me know what you think, if I should add something or leave something out. Appreciate it. And yes, I know I look like a dick, so you don't have to tell me that ;)


  1. Scott, apart from nodding your head about at the start of the video not 2 bad.
    Well you could get the girl from Body rock TV to star in your video, that would get more votes from me :]

  2. Yes, I almost nodded off watching your nodding head ;) That wasn't too bad Scott. Good overview of how you can help prospective clients. Not sure you need to mention 'cheap' - maybe 'different' or 'various'.

    On technical issues: The 'background music' was a bit off-putting. Also the 'tinny' quality of the audio - try an external mike maybe?

    Taking up Rick's point, if you want to go 'professional', you could hire Flo to make a video for you. Better looking for us blokes, and there was a news item a few days back about women taking more notice of female 'talking heads'. For some strange reason they tend to ignore males!

  3. This was a trial run, right? The content is basically ok, but the presentation should be more polished. You don't have to sound like a car salesman, but it should be more polished than it is. One major problem is too many "ums" and "ahs." I was a Toastmaster, where we count ums and ahs, so I am more aware of them than most people, but even so, there are too many. Well, there shouldn't be any, really. Cutting them out will also cut down the overall time, which is too long. The ending is also important. Something like, "Thanks for checking us out, hope to see you in Japan." Then smile. Also...don't move your eyes around, keep looking at "us." Sound positive, speak clearly. Don't sound hesitant, sound confident. And I agree, the music is not necessary.

  4. Terrific, thanks I'll take this all on board and see if I can't do a better job. Thanks again.

    If you guys ever want some "tough love" or simply someone to tell you where you're going wrong, I'd be happy to help ;)

  5. Hi Scott you defo need to lose the music.Try to place a bit more energy into it show your excitement about meeting new people..I would film it outside in a japanise garden or park with some picturesque backdrop to help sell it maybe somewhere on one of your favorite routes, wear some running gear and stating wether your on busniss and need to source a race or just here for pleasure and easy runinng the best way to see Japan is to run Samurai style..

  6. Scott, I'd love you to tell me what I'm doing wrong ;)

    Got my R4YL in the mail today, and blow me down if I don't see my name in print! That was quite a polished story Scott. Informative and funny. I didn't have an inkling you could write that well (from what you serve up on this blog) ;)

    Thankfully you didn't drive a car with a reversing camera 6 years ago, or I might have missed out on all this entertainment.

  7. Scott, overall I think it's quite good. I'd agree with everyone else's suggestions.

    A couple of things:

    1. Image can sell - I'd use a backdrop that look efficient (e.g. tidy office or the like). I also like the idea of a garden or your favourite route, but could be hard to capture both image and sound;
    2. Probably just a bit too long. Maybe refine the section on your history so that it comes out slick - I suspect that'll save you ~ 20 seconds (but don't cut your history out, it helps); and
    3. I'd also finish with "hope to see you soon!"

    Don't worry, I'm used to the tough love. I'm a scientist - we're used to people starting with "I like your idea,...... BUT.....".

  8. Hi Scott,
    Just watched your vid presentation.
    Your ideas are really fantastic.
    I would suggest you get someone with a bit of marketing experience to put this together for you.
    Bob and Rob and Bay all have good ideas.A pro could really polish this.
    Also I would prefer to see you outside and in running gear.

    This will be a great concept for sure.
    Good luck