Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time to think

Our man in Addis Ababa

Any thoughts on what Mr. Gebrselassie is thinking and what he'll do?

I'd like to see him keep running but reckon he deserves to call it a day if he sees fit.


  1. His 59 min Great north run, shows he still has what it takes!
    Yeah I'd like to see him finish his carreer in a more dignified way.
    Yes there comes a point to retire but if the knee injury is not bad then there is no reason not to finish on a high!
    I think he will be back, I hope so for at least one final race!
    whatever he is still the greatest distance runner of his generation

  2. Well, he was schedule to run Tokyo, so it would be nice if that was his last race.

  3. There was a small article in a Tokyo newspaper this morning saying he has been having second thoughts!