Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I wonder if she wonders if this is all for real

Well as I said I'm pretty much over my injuries and back to some consistent, pain free running.

Ewen's version

"Monday: AM, 10k, felt like s#!t. PM, 20k, felt like something the cat dragged in."


Monday: AM, 10k, felt like Sammy. PM, 20k, felt like Geb.

Anyway, real happy to be able to be back into it and the only thing now is to get the weight down. That last period of comparative inactivity has me up 5kgs from what I should be to be in PB form.

Last week of overindulgence this week and then I'm on to it ;)


  1. Dude, I'm more into GLC, check this out;
    I just came back from a run in the rain with Tess.
    I looked like something the 'dog dragged in', Infact I was !!!
    That weight should not be a problem, it's extra training for your legs and once that fat has melted away your feel as light as a feather :]

  2. "pretty much over my injury"
    Those are beautiful words.
    Good luck.

  3. I'd be in pain too if I had to pay a fee for running.

    Scott old son, here's my version of my training day:

    Monday: AM, 10k, felt like Shalane. PM, 20k, felt like Kara ;)

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Ewen. Just fixed it ;)

  5. Jeff Lynne had a great beard!
    I vaguely remember some of the lyrics so I'll have to check out the original version from Discovery on YouTube.
    30K's in a day and your telling me to cut my mileage~!!

  6. You are freaking fast.

    I want to train with you. ;)


  7. Emz, you won't want to train with him... he tells bad jokes during every run. His running greatness is also very intimidating to us mere mortals.

  8. Mate! Glad to hear that you're back pain free!

    Wish I could do one run feeling like Geb....