Friday, October 20, 2006

Wakaura Bay 10K

I'll be running a 10K race this Sunday the 22nd. It starts at a marina, while it's not as beautiful as the Gold Coast it is nice and there is a theme park for the kids and a BBQ restaurant right on the water where you can buy and cook your own seafood. I'll be doing that after the race with my family and the in-laws.

Anyway, this is the first race for me since July when I did the Gold Coast marathon. I had some time off, 3 weeks, without running and since I've been training in the heat of summer to race a fast one. A PB for me will be under 40mins 30 sec. I'll go for it but anywhere around there I'll take.

This is the second time I've raced here last year I did the half marathon in a pretty ordinary time. About half way through that race I passed the crushed shell of an old tortoise that had been squished by a car and I started dwelling on that image thinking that it was analogous to my race and I ran a bad one. It might sound strange but it doesn't take much to affect me mentally, got to work on that! *:)


  1. Good luck on Sunday Scott. Hope you get closer to that 40 min mark.

    Maybe this time you can think about Clairie and I doing our 5k race and how much more we will be hurting. That's hurting more than you, not the poor old tortoise. Hmmm, then again ....

  2. That's a good idea Tesso. I'll also think about you and Clairie running like Hares. Oh no that's not going to work if you are the Hare I'm the bloody Tortoise again!

    Anyway good luck for the 5K race. Just think that it will only hurt once, try to put out of your mind that that once will be from beginning to end. :\

  3. Good luck Scott! Yesterday I was being haunted by a dingo on my run, but it made me go slower (it's hard running with a stick). Hope I never have to outrun one!