Monday, October 16, 2006

Measure me!

I had a nice weekend in Tokyo and was able to meet up with my English friend Malcolm for five laps around the Imperial Palace on Sunday morning. It is 5kms around and we did 5 loops.
Malcolm is looking fit, his last race was a run up Mt Fuji and he told me that it's so steep in sections that he had to use his hands to help him climb.

He also tells me that when they measured out the course for the Tokyo Marathon they used, wait for it, a meter rule. They were so keen to get it right. The Japanese are nothing if not perfectionists or anal retentive you could say.

Malcolm even told me, and I think he might be having a lend of me, that when they were going through the Ginza, a shopping district, that there was a band playing on the road and instead of asking them to move they just went right on through measuring between the bass player and the drummer. Got to love this country.

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  1. Yes, continue telling a lot about that interesting country! I can see you like it, good for you!

    It will be a fantastic experience, when will the event be?