Monday, October 30, 2006

The day after

We had a good Halloween party here Saturday night, but I drank too much red wine and beer and struggled with my long run on Sunday.

I left it until I felt a little better in the afternoon and right on sunset set off for two and a half hours. The first 40mins were fine, the next 20mins hellish, and the last hour and a half I ran robotically while my thoughts raced from subjects as varied as "Why don't you ever see baby pigeons?" to "Clairie hasn't blogged since she wrote of hurting her back, I wonder if she's alright?"

Anyway I was none the wiser after the run a little sore but happy I could get it in. If anyone knows the answers to the questions above or would like to share some things that go through their minds on long runs I'd be happy to know.


  1. Mostly for me it is "left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe, right foot, right foot...." :-)

    The cement reference is that not so very long ago I was exactly a bag of cement heavier than Ewen.

  2. Well i usually think of running and foot placement.
    But lately running with a buddy i am thinking about when i will take my next breath as i gasbag the whole way!

  3. Red wine and beer! You should have stuck to the beer Scott.

    Clairie has been up at Noosa - not sure if she's back yet.

    My thoughts range from 'the baby ducks are getting bigger' to 'I wish Kathy would slow down a bit on the warm-down - this is my 5k race pace!'.

  4. When things get tough I make up acrostic poems in my head using a word that is meant to inspire me like 'motivation'. How daggy is that? Otherwise I think about work a lot or just try to enjoy my surroundings and not think about how hard it feels.

  5. I struggled with my long run on Saturday and that was after not very much red wine and no beer. So the moral of that story is .... :-)