Thursday, October 12, 2006

Going to Tokyo

No, still haven't found out whether or not I've been accepted to enter the Tokyo Marathon, but I'm going for business there this weekend. I'm going to do my long run of 2 hours around the imperial palace on Sunday morning.

It is a loop run of about 3K and it's really a good scene if your a runner. A lot of individuals and running clubs gather there and its a good chance to socialize. This will be my 2nd time to run there, last time I met and old guy who, no kidding, has run more than 300 marathons.


  1. You had me there Scott. I thought you were in the marathon.

    Look after that achilles. Now, I'm off to the shop to buy some Cornflakes :)

  2. Hope you can post some photos Scott.That would be awesome!!'


  3. Ok, I'm keeping my fingers cross!

    Should be an incredible place to run at, enjoy!