Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bad run Good run

Did a 50 min jog today. I felt really stiff and tired for no apparent reason for the first half but at around 30min into it I was really cruising. The pain I had in my ankle disappeared and I got my wind back and ran the last half about 8 mins faster than the first with less effort.

I really don't know why some runs are easy and smooth and others are not so. I guess I'll know more with experience and simply keeping a record on this blog may offer up some answers.

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  1. It is what I was thinking today!
    I am not sure yet how honest I am with my traning. I know there are better days than others, blaming other facts doesn't sound me like the answer when I feel that I am not doing my best.
    Then, what is the best? enjoying? maybe!