Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Close but no cigar

Attempted to break 11:00mins for 3Kms this morning but couldn't finish
it off. I'm a fader par excellence. I'll have to keep working on my overall fitness. My 1K splits were 1st 3:25, 2nd 3:48, 3rd 3:53. Total 11:06.


  1. Great first km. Maybe you can have a sniff of the cigar for that one. Pity about the next two though. Lets never speak of them again.

  2. That's a very sad, lonely and ugly third kilometre. Looks like a major pacing stuff-up. Bet it hurt!

  3. Yes Ewen it hurt.

    Felt like Elvis, the older version, was doing the twist on my shoulders while at the same time I was trying to suck an egg through a piece of garden hose.

    I'm going to take tesso's advice

  4. I would have said a bad first km myself.

    With even pacing you probably would have got there.

  5. Damn you're faaaaast!

    I agree with RobertSong, I found that when I went out at slower than break-neck speed I was able to do more even splits.

    Hope you pulled up okay. That was some effort - and if you do that on your own imagine what you could do with the pressure/surroundings of a group!

    Did you run this on a track or a measured course that you regularly run on?

    Sub 11? You are so cool.

  6. Enjoy your journey through the next attempt. You will just break it the next time.