Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Did my long run this morning I lost a bit of energy around the 1 hour 20 mark but I came good at the end. Still a little sore now, I'll get a massage on Tuesday. Tomorrow is a public holiday, day off, tonight it's the family mans salvation of red wine cheese and DVDs.


  1. It's such a great feeling to come good at the end of a long run Scott. Makes it feel like the training is all coming together.

    Damn I'm jealous about that red wine, cheese and DVDs though. What movies did you watch?

    Do you miss the Aussie red or do you get it shipped over?

  2. Hey Scott. I'm finally back in Bris and so back in front of my trusty PC. Got a squillion blogs to catch up on but thought I'd drop in and say g'day and thank you for the comments on mine.

  3. Hi Clairie

    Yes, I do miss the Aussie reds but can get a few types over here. There is a French owned supermarket chain call "Carreflour" here and they have lots of wines from different countries.

    I watched "Million Dollar Baby" and "National Treasure" Funny now that I'm a runner I see everything
    through a runner's eyes. I was thinking that boxing might be a good way to build fitness for long distance runners after watching "Million dollar baby" and in "National Treasure" I was thinking "Nicolas Cage" could have run a bit faster, given the circumstances.

    And Tesso

    If you are reading I'm glad your back it was strange to see your blog postless for so long.I'm looking forward writing you from time to time.