Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to work

Back to work full time from today. It is the end of my summer holidays and now I'm going to have to fit my running around my work and not the other way around like I have been doing. On Monday and Thursdays I have to leave my house at 6:30am so it's pretty hard to fit in any longish runs in the mornings on these days.

I wonder how full time workers fit in their running and balance their other commitments? I rarely if ever miss a session but sometimes that means running later in the evening after all the things I must do. Tonight I have no running planned but I have to do my strength program and I can't start that until 9:00pm which sees me pretty tired going into it. The only alternative is to not do it but feel more satisfied if I can do it.

In a perverse sort of way I like the fact that it is not always easy to fit in my running. I think you understand.

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  1. Gosh you have the life don't you?

    I wake up at 4.30 or 4:50am every day rain hail or shine.

    All my training is done first thing in the morning.

    Mostly I drive into the city to train - then I only have to travel 10mins to get to work and dont' get caught up in the peak hour traffic. If I had to drive from home to work at a normal time it would be a 60min drive. At 5.15am it is a 15-20min drive.

    I love being at work knowing I have kicked butt that morning on the running paths around Brisbane. Then when I finish at 6-7pm I go home and look after the hubby and 4 kids. Fulltime? You bet!!! Full life I call it.