Sunday, March 04, 2007

Perfect Day

It should have been around 8 degrees today at this time of year. But today was one out of the box an absolute cracker 23 degrees and totally wind less. Did a two hour run today and got sunburn. That just doesn't happen at this time of year! Still I'll take it as I've pretty much had a gut full of winter.

Hope you like the song. I love Lou Reed and don't us runners know "You're going to reap just what you sow."


  1. Hey, great clip. I hadn't heard that version before. I've got a couple of other covers - one by Evan Dando & Kirsty McColl and another by Antony and The Johnstons & Lou Reed.

    Such a fab song. Makes me want to drink sangria in the park :-)

  2. I like that vid, I've not seen that one either. Thanks.

  3. Yep, nice clip but what about that weather! You must have thought you were south of the equator and not north of it with those kind of temperatures. Not too much more of winter to go for you Scott.

  4. It is so weird hearing you talk about being sick of winter....we are having our hottest days of the year and getting drenched in humidity so I'd personally welcome a few cool days for a change. Though not many :) I am still a queenslander!

  5. Must be global warming! Hope your plans for Nagano all come together for you.

  6. Great song. Stand Tall Steve would have been great with a part in that clip :)

    Sounds like a damn fine day Scott. Send a similar one down this way for Saturday.

  7. I'd like a nice 23 degrees, very humid here too the last few days. BTW I like the new look! Hope the road to Nagano is smooth.

  8. How great is it to get out for a run on one of those 'perfect' days?

  9. Wow thats freaky weather for the northern hemisphere types!

    I was just looking at your Pb's and it looks like i am finally catching up!!
    10K= haven't done any flat races over 5km in last 6 months

    anyway happy trails R2B