Friday, March 02, 2007


Had "conveyor belt" sushi for lunch yesterday and have been getting these pretty nasty stomach cramps since. I reckon a good dump, again sorry ladies, would sort me out but nothing is moving, so to speak.

Did my scheduled 10k nonetheless and feel I'm ready to get back into training for the Nagano Marathon April 15th. I took the whole week off running after the Tokyo marathon and this weeks been no speedwork just jogging twice at 50min an hour today and I'll do 2 hours on Sunday before getting back into it proper from Monday.

Thanks for the feedback vis a vis long run pace I've settled on a plan thanks to this advice. One thing I've been thinking is that come Nagano I won't have any excuse that I haven't done a long run at pace cause I'm now considering Tokyo as a 42km long run done at an average of 4:40 per K. That is pretty close to the race pace I'll be looking for in Nagano ;)


  1. So have you settled on Steve's plan? I like it. I like it a lot. I just wish I hadn't have read it tonight as it means I can't have my banana before my long run tomorrow.

    I don't trust that conveyer belt sushi. You just don't know how long its been going round and round the track.

    Hey, I just realised Nagano is the same day as Canberra! We can freak out together :-)

  2. Hope you're feeling less green by now Scott. If only that singer had been named 'Scott' - it would have been another good zinger opportunity.

    Re the long-pace stuff again. A runner I know (let's call him 'Owen'), used to do the following on the Wednesday medium run:

    He'd run with a group over the Lane Cove half marathon course - 21.1k. He'd start in January at about 95-97 minutes and gradually get quicker each week. By March he was running 84-86 minutes which was a bit faster than potential marathon pace.

  3. Wow, way too much info and visuals too. Eeww!