Saturday, March 31, 2007

Missing you..

Finding it hard to get in all my sessions this week but with some ingenuity and a lot of irresponsibility I've managed to get them done. I did one session at a local track and as "Running Uphill" suggested I just did loops while keeping my eye on the boys who were happily playing with a Frisbee off to the side. Still that session was 1hr30mins and running around a 400m track made me somewhat dizzy.

The other times I left home really early and came back before the boys woke up. Luckily no one swallowed their tongue while sleeping.

I'm forced to admit that the wife not being here is making life pretty difficult. But it is just what I need to give me a new found appreciation of what she means to me. And that is not only a help to my running, but I do digress. Anyways:

I'm ready for a taper now and after my 2hrs tomorrow I'll just try to keep my level of fitness. I did a good fast session yesterday of 4X1k at 3:40 each with 1:30sec standing recovery and finished off that with 2X500m at 1:40 each. Handled that so I think I'm right to keep marathon pace, well at least until 35k and I'll just fight it out to the end. There is no way, barring something unusual, that I'm coming home from Nagano without a PB.


  1. Good on ya Scott - what a great post. Looking forward to hearing about great things from Nagano.

  2. Very innovative of you to get in that 1hr30m run!

    By the sounds of those rep times you certainly are looking sharp.

    Its great being able to follow other people's tapers, I'm hoping it will help me get mine right :)

  3. Nice times for the reps. You should have got the boys to count your laps for 90 minutes!

    A PB for sure - as long as it's not an out/back course with the second half into a typical Japanese howling wind.

    And I bet you're looking forward to that celebratory dinner of perfectly cooked grilled fish.

  4. Sounds like you have everthing pretty much under control Scott.

    There is nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.

  5. Very creative running! I think I would have gone slightly mad running around an oval for 90 mins though.

  6. Your sessions look very slick and I woul dhave thought you have done the base work and have enough speed to pull off a PB. Just have a good race plan that doesn't get to bow up tooooo much at the back end.

    My rests between the 3 x 3k are at least 5 minutes as I want a complete recovery for this session. It is not about doing them in an ever decreasing decline into fatigue because of the short recovery. If it were not for the taper I may do them with shorter recoveries so that they are done fatigued but that serves no purpose at the moment.

  7. You've got quite a balancing act going on there. That's a great trick with the track idea. I'm going to remember that if I'm ever in a jam looking after the kids but still wanting to run.

    Very zippy reps there. Have a good taper.

  8. The loops at a track are a great idea.

  9. Hi Scott, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I've seen your comments on other blogs but this is the first time I've got round to dropping by. I've been having a good read of your recent posts and I really like your style. Your current PBs are where I have my sights set, so you can rest assured I will be continuing to read and looking for tips. Not long now till the marathon, hope it goes really well and I'm sure you'll get that PB. I may also be using your trick of running laps around the kid(s) over Easter weekend when my regular babysitter is away!

    Cheers, MAR.

  10. A nice confident attitude Scott, im sure you will suceed at Nagano. It's tough juggling family life on your own and not interupt training too much. Seems like you are getting by though good on ya!

  11. Well done on running around in circles for that long - you have to get creative when you have kids. I usually let my hubby know in advance when I will be doing the long run.

    Will be willing you on to a PB.

  12. Hi Scott

    Thank you for dropping by to my blog & for your comment. I spent many years living in Mosman & Cremorne so I've spent alot of time in Manly - although I only really started running in the last 18 months before I left.

    What a beautiful photo & family you have.

    Best of luck for the race. I'm look forward to hearing about it & will send you telepathic good thoughts on race day.