Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't worry baby

With Mr. Lacey doing another marathon so soon after Tokyo I dedicate my song of the week. You'll do just fine! This song has something for everyone. Tesso if you ever give up running there is always a future for you as a human jump rope. Those surfing boys of the 60's certainly knew how to treat their women. And I swear that given a 6 foot track singlet the lead singer looks like 2P incarnate. Enjoy.


  1. A good motto! Loved some of those fashions.

  2. Oh pleeease take me back to the 60's.

  3. I don't think Tesso's long enough.

    You're wrong Scott. 2P looks much more weathered, and a bag of cement heavier.

  4. ha ha, it's not just surfing skills that have come a long way since the 60s.

    But thanks for the good vibrations. I'll carry that thought with me on Sunday.

  5. That's a classic ... in more ways than one. You are so right about the lead singer! We need somebody clever to do some trickphotography (as we called it in the old days) and superimpose a 6ft shirt on to him.

    I am a bit short for the jump thing, perhaps I could rope Clairie in to assist. Then again I might just ask Rhonda to help me.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my Blogg. I will have to confess to reading your Blogg on aocassions as I have noticed you make regaular posts on Tess's Blogg and I was intrigued.

    Keep up the training for your next big run.