Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm suppose to do a 1 and a half hour run today but it will have to wait until tonight after work as this morning I couldn't fit it in as we had to get up early and go to my eldest son's graduation ceremony from kindergarten.(See photo) Casey is going to start primary school from April and he'll be 7 in May this year too.

A lot has changed since he was born. At that time I wasn't even thinking about running, I was pretty unhealthy, overweight and smoking and drinking everyday.

I hope by the time he graduates from primary school I'll be healthier still and be able to break 3 hours for the marathon at will ;)


  1. Congratulations on your son's graduation Scott. The little milestones of life are given more attention here and I think it is pretty neat.

    Based on your observation of your changes, maybe you can identify with this post on Oz Cool Runnings.

  2. I think all three of you in the photo have ATTITUDE!! ;)

    I'm proud of you for the changes you have made in your life. Sounds like fatherhood definitely agrees with you! I also take some small comfort that "if you can, then I can too"!!

  3. That's a great photo Scott. You must be proud of the kids. As Stephen says, these milestones are important and can't be mist..not even for a run.

  4. err..I meant missed.

  5. Oh bugger, I just posted a comment and it didn't appear. Stupid PC, is running slower than I am at the moment.

    Your boys are too cute :)

    I said other things but can't be stuffed writing it again. Your boys are too cute :)

  6. Fantastic photo Scott and the kids are very cute as Tess says.

    Good on you too for your metamorphosis from bug to butterfly. In a lot of cases it is really only fellow runners who understand what you have achieved...and you have achieved a lot. I hope your children will come to appreciate that, too, one day.

  7. Classic photo Scott. So where's your funny face?

    You asked about training for Six Foot 'without trails'... You could do it off normal marathon training but you mightn't run your best. For example, a 3hr marathoner from my club who 'doesn't like hills' ran 5:58 in Six Foot (he should have run 4.45).

    If you wanted to 'run well' (4.30 to 5 hours), you need to find a very steep hill (bitumen OK) where the gradient is such that running and walking are equally fast. Even if it's only 2k long, you could do 'laps' (up/down), up to 5 times.

    You also need long 'time on feet' runs of 4 hours or more. Then, you need to be confident on very 'technical' and rough ground.

    The rest is easy :)

  8. The littliest one looks so happy to be there.

  9. WOT? They have graduation for Kindy now?

    eeewww they look so cute :)

  10. Those little fellows are handsome little buggers!
    One of the cool things is they are half Aussie too.Something they can be proud of!

    I am going to have to try and crack 40 mins for 10k's next if i am to keep up to your frenetic pace!

    Cheers R2B

  11. The boys look like they're having fun! I'm sure your boys will be very grateful for the changes you have made so you can enjoy a healthy life with them.

  12. I'm catching up on blog posts just now.

    Good looking boys there! You must be so proud.