Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Q and A

Thanks for your comments on last post you're all very kind and encouraging, not like the girl above. Anyway, I'll answer a few questions you raised. Tesso asked "So, how did you feel during the race? What were your splits?" I felt like I was running hard but only really felt in trouble on the uphills, there were three of about 200 meters. There weren't any 1k markers but I started with a group of sub forty people and just tried to keep with this group and not let the group behind catch me.

Ewen asked "Were you always on schedule, or did you have to kick down to get it?" I was ahead for the first 3K, on target at 5K and think I slowed on the 7th or 8th K and ran hard the last 1500m as I couldn't see the finishing stadium at that point and started to panic thinking I was going to miss out. With about 800m to go I came around a corner and saw the stadium right in front of me. It was a good feeling to see the clock at 39:40 something with less than a 100m to go.

Clairie asked "How long have you been running for?" About three and a half years. So by what Clairie said I should have a few more PBs in me.

Well I still have a desire to train and run faster and as far as quitting or cutting back racing plans I'll reassess the situation 10 years from now when I'm 52 I'll ask you all again then if you think I have a future in this game.


  1. You definitely have a future! I did just about all my PBs in 2005 at age, er, 4 ... 4 ... 40-something. That was after more than 20 years of running, though only a few years of speed work.

    I still reckon I have a couple in me .... just have to find new distances to race ;-)

    Once I hit 50 I'm going to do Robert Song's trick and start listing "over 50" PBs.

  2. I reckon you've got heaps of PB's in you Scott. My goal, when I stop setting PB's, is for race organisers to have to create age categories for me..... then you have to place!

  3. No, you can't quit or cut back. I'm the same age as you, so you better not be done. Even if PB are harder to come by.

    I'd be surprised if anyone works hard at running just to get PB's. You just need creative PB record keeping. I don't think that any PB that is more that 3 years old should be kept anyway. That way you can never really run out of new PB's :-)

  4. Everyone has a future in this game Scott - it's fun!

    Those races where you have to kick down to get a time are exciting.

    I know my days of outright PBs are over, but I still enjoy 'racing'. It still feels the same. Then again, I guess I can always get 'season's bests' and 'obscure event PBs' such as 6' track or Warwick Pentathlon.

  5. I just found out about your PB and what a great effort by you. As a 45 year old I still believe I have a sub-40 10k in me and your great result, Scott, has given me inspiration that I can get there.

  6. Congrats on your PB. I'm sure you have plenty more in you. My husband is a couple of years older than us and he reckons he can get back to the times he ran in his twenties. The downside is to do it he has to train harder than he did when he was in his 20s!